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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.


Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

The client's section is here to provide info to clients as to when I AM available, when I am not available, and general announcements effecting me or you or both.


Client's Section

The announcements, as follows. :D


I FINALLY HAVE A 100% WORKING LAPTOP AFTER BEING WITHOUT ONE FOR A FULL WEEK - that's right, I had dial-up level access for an hour a day or so on a SMARTPHONE for almost a week. Prior to that, my old computer kept stalling, crashing, and losing stuff (your email is never really lost, but if it's not flagged or marked, it's easy to lose track of,) so I already was having a bad time of things, but last week was horrible. A smallish percentage of people decided to lower themselves to some base behaviors (I do not work for a single person who's investment in my services comes close to wanting to ruin my reputation as an author or occultist, or almost 14 years in business, though a select few seemed to think so,) and if you are in that number, you may very well find yourself FIRED. Please understand, you agreed to a contract where you said if I've initiated the service, you're not entitled to a refund, and that if you intentionally chargeback any cost (and I do refund people here and there if the service was never performed and they ask for a refund,) that you are going to pay a LARGE chargeback fee, you agree that you understand I might have tech issues that effect responses (and I updated everyone that I was having some issues,) and to behave in a civil manner where you don't have a meltdown in my inbox...among other things. While MOST PEOPLE did just fine and did hold to their contract, a select number were SO FUCKING BAD (curse words needed) that I have temporarily upped the chargeback fee to $350, and if it's obviously intentional, there is no grace period. This chargeback fee increase will be going on for TWO WEEKS. I will be VERY STRICT with my heckling clause as well. I have A LOT of people to get back to. 

I AM NOT AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK FOR POSSIBLY THE NEXT WEEK OR SO. I'm not available on any social media. :P Sorry, I have to get crackin' on replies. I have stuff that is well over five business days late, eep, and if I am focused on fixing that (while simultaneously trying to attend new business,) everyone will be a lot happier with me. ;) I will try to have everything cleared up within the week, so please keep your eyes peeled for my replies. :D

If your reading was waylaid for longer than 48 hours last week or by my tech issues, please let me know. I AM GIVING YOU DOUBLE THE TIME ON YOUR READING FOR FREE AS A THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. So, if we've not done that reading you paid for, LET ME KNOW, you get double reading! :D :D :D

ALL SERVICES ARE 15% OFF FOR A WEEK AS A THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. If you want it cheaper, let me know - it's 15% off!!! :D :D :D :D

As some of you may have read on my blog, my fiance was in the hospital. He's been really sick for a few days, and today FINALLY went to the hospital. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE A MELTDOWN IN MY INBOX AND SLOW DOWN EVERYONE'S REPLIES. I will reschedule all readings by Wednesday Oct 4. Readings from Saturday (yeah, I was working on my day off) to tomorrow may be effected, so please be prepared to reschedule. I will reply as fast as possible. THE WORST POSSIBLE THING TO DO IS SEND MILLIONS OF EMAILS ABOUT HOW I NEED TO REPLY RIGHT NOW. It not only resets your wait, it also is a violation of the heckling clause, AND it makes everyone else have to wait longer.
Which brings up my next point. My replies may be a bit brief for the next day or three. This is in an effort to get every reply on schedule
All spells are on time. I have been staying up extra hours to make sure everyone's spellwork gets done. 
While I'm sure it's too much to ask, if I get overwhelmingly busy, I tend to get the most difficult people asking for novels worth of advice, price checks on 275 different types of work or service, and then saying they will pay me next year or something, lol. If you suspect you are one of these people, please contact me no earlier than Thursday of this week when I'm hopefully caught up on replies and readings. ;)


Please get your payments in ASAP. Been chasing some people down for relatively small amounts. I realize the last few months have not been kind to many people, but it's better to tell me what you need insofar as a wait than it is to just keep putting it off. I'm not the IRS, lol, and I am not normally mean so long as people are honest.

There is a bit of a drag on responses. I expect the new laptop (we're just buying one) tomorrow, because eff waiting on that new laptop, lol, my friend is very slow in giving it and while I appreciate the sentiment, it's not arrived, and I need it like 2 weeks ago. ;) SO, I'm getting one because I can take no more of a crippled laptop. Thanks all for your patience. 

Please get your QYAM contest entries in ASAP! They are due by the end of the month!

OK, so someone commented is it OK to threaten arrest with fair debt collection practices. No, but it's not a debt, it's theft of services. No one would "owe me" as much as this is - it would only be illegal chargebacks, as in only 2 people now have charged back on services provided which the service was provided, - one only "won" because she made up stories of death in the family and I was kind and patient with waiting on my reimbursement. This is the same as buying a car, and then reversing the sale without returning the car. So, if you commit THEFT OF SERVICES it means not that you didn't pay your light bill, but that you stole something. If you eat at a restaurant, then reverse the payment a month later, this is also THEFT - it's theft of services. So, yes, that I would press charges is wholly legal. Believe me, an attorney has told me as much. :) Thank you, concerned client who isn't even an offender. ;)


Just a reminder since about 3 people are on the cusp of being fired.... If you "remind" me for something late 2x that is not late, that is one strike for heckling. There is no strike 2. You're fired. So, a few of you are getting your reminder today. Between dealing with a crappy laptop (still no macbook, and I need to mail this crappy thing in today for my claim on it to be refunded,) and just having people who apparently never read their contract and think I'm supposed to drop everything in a second (like you do realize Saturday and Sunday are my DAYS OFF, right? That doesn't count as a business day?) to reply, I am getting very irked and I'm thinking how unfair it is to those who do not intentionally try my patience to have me ticked off because 3 or so people think I must wait on them.

However, in "gee you're lucky," happenings, the very people who want to be fired for heckling have given more time for the theft of services crowd to make a payment. ;) WEDNESDAY is when I'll be pressing charges, maybe even Thursday. Why? Well, that eats a lot of time and I need to take care of giving people their last warnings insofar as getting possibly fired.

I'm sorry if I was mean, 95% of you do not deserve it. :P The fact that some people are so anxious and rude for it isn't your fault. Most of you ar a joy to work for and I'm so happy you're my clients. :)

PLEASE get your contest entries in SOON! The questions you've asked me contest is almost up! 



For what it's worth, I get it, I had no internet for a few days, the computer died...but some incredibly rude people have been taking up everyone's time because they're having fits when I don't reply for 48 hours. The site allows FIVE BUSINESS DAYS. I'm not taking any days off recently, I'm doing conjures one after the other (they are hugely draining,) and five straight hours of readings, and catching up as best I can. If you do not have the emotional wherewithall to compose yourself and wait for a reply while I'm backlogged, please find said emotional wherewithall or you will be waiting a LONG TIME for my reply now. It's RIDICULOUS some of the things I've experienced like "If you don't talk to me now, I'll commit theft of services via my bank and chargeback," being in more than one email...which brings me to my next point...

If your account is delinquent for more than 2 weeks, and you owe me more than $300, I'm pressing criminal charges for theft of services. It's a crime. Just because my payment processor is not FDIC insured, I am still granted the rights of anyone who provides services to have compensation for said services. You are bound by the contract, and you can't get my services for free because you had a hissy fit one day when I was working 16 hours and didn't take 10 of them to chat with you, or you had a "banking error" that you never attended to. I've been very generous with payment plans, and if you are continuing to stick to yours, this is in no way aimed at you. However, if you owe me a great deal of money and I've performed the services for you, you are not entitled to free services...you can't just eat a meal somewhere and then decide a month later you didn't want to pay for it, can't hire a doctor or a lawyer then reverse the fees a few weeks later either. This is theft of services and I'm in my legal right to charge you with a criminal complaint if you don't pay. I stress that 99.9% of you don't even need this warning, but with the asshattery that I experienced from a few people this week for trying to get to everyone as fast as possible on a computer that works for 30 minutes at a time, I suspect it may need to be said. 

I am VERY SORRY if you're waiting a few days to hear back from me. Once my chattier clients saw that I could connect to the web again, they took full advantage. Luckily, I'm enforcing the "wait for reply" rule (difficult with this webmail, but I am,) so you will not be forced to wait while someone goes overboard with their emails henceforth. Also, that new Mac Book will be here any day now, thank goodness! ;)


While my internet is back (for those of you who read the blog, you know it was dead for four days) I still haven't received that new MacBook, so my computer is only working so/so. :P Please be patient with me while I deal with this. Ever since I got the internets working again, it doesn't seem to be that I'm getting so many people thinking I'm evil for not having internet, so I don't think too many of you are going to be impatient or rude from here on out. ;)

PAY YOUR BILLS. With all due respect, if I offer a payment plan, I do expect you to cover the cost of materials at the least, and if you have something like an outstanding debt of $10, you may as well cover it now. :P If I offered you a schedule and you're still paying on time, I'm not including you in this announcement. Just please pay me in a timely manner.


I'm going to be extending the deadline for the Questions You've Asked Me Contest I've been running, thanks to the internet issues mentioned above. :)


So, first off, thanks to everyone who has already applied for my QUESTIONS YOU'VE ASKED ME contest - some really great entries  this year! Please REMEMBER TO ASK EACH QUESTION ON A NEW ENTRY. Thank you.

Also, I was not in the office Sunday and Monday and will be in the office LATE TUESDAY, which may be somewhat inconvenient for a few people - I already had some frantic "Respond, it's been a whole 24 hours" emails, and...all due respect guys, give me at least the prescribed time (even if you don't understand my business days,) before engaging in that. :P Some of you seem to be under the impression I give grandiose instructions for spells, when I've given them to you 3 times already (after being told I didn't,) and they are generally things like  "Don't over-text this person" or "Don't fight with your target" or "apply for jobs." ;) If you ask me 10x for the same instructions and I've given them, this will slow the email queue, so please re-read my last 2 emails before saying I never instructed you on things. 9 times out of 10 (if not more), I re-read the thread, and I have. ;) I'd  like to get to everyone's inquiry expediently, which can be difficult when you have someone just sure that I am going to tell them to find a pegasus feather or something similar, lol, and in reality the insutrctions were given and were "Try to let this person contact you first, but if 2 weeks have passed, let me know." ;)

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR WORK UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PAY YOUR BILLS. I've been really lax on mis-used consultations in August just because my own schedule has been outside of business hours, but I won't continue with letting this go for much longer. :P

Which brings me to my final point....readings are not available until THURSDAY this week, but my schedule for spells is rapidly filling up. This means I won't have altar space in a few days if business keeps up. PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOON if you need something on the altar. :)


I'm actually impressed by the amount of people trying to get fired this week, but I'll chalk it up to Mercury retrograde making people saucy. Just as a reminder ALLOW FIVE BUSINESS DAYS (posted on the top of each page) for my reply. Please DO NOT continuously email reminders. It isn't helpful. Every Sunday (which IS NOT a business day) I check for the reply issue flaring up and RESEND emails I feel may not have been received. What can really eff up this system (believe it or not) is sending reminders. ;) See if you drop off suddenly during a conversation, I worry you didn't get a reply. :P If I see a long string of emails from you, I suspect the reverse is true. If I decide to keep going at this job OBVIOUSLY I will change hosts which will stop this issue. 


I am doing a TON of conjure on Monday. Please do not count this as a business day! :)

I am thinking of moving business hours to later in the day. Feel free to give me input. Basically right now my mornings are sucky. I am awake but have a lot of noise and distraction in the halls. While that doesn't impede me from typing anything, it isn't helpful for readings.