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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.


Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

The client's section is here to provide info to clients as to when I AM available, when I am not available, and general announcements effecting me or you or both.


Client's Section

The announcements, as follows. :D



EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - if I find you've sent reminders at a frequency that is NOT FIVE BUSINESS DAYS APART in the last 10 days, you may be fired. If you send me a reminder for ANYTHING THIS WEEK, you're almost definitely fired (because I am not going to reward impatient people who slow everyone's responses - and if you're not being impatient from your perspective, just realize I'd have this mess cleaned up days ago if people took the "don't send reminders" notice seriously before.) I can't catch up when everyone is pulling me in 20 directions. This is ludicrous. I have the same people "reminding me" for something over and over and over and over, often daily or multiple times daily (resetting their wait). I have a host that is not sending my replies which is slowing things up, because I have to check on my webmail to make sure it's out of my outbox (switching hosts as soon as I can, so please be patient) and if you really think doing the equivelant of poking me in the shoulder every ten seconds with "you got that yet" is helpful, it isn't. NO REPLY OF MINE IS LATE IF FIVE BUSINESS DAYS (Monday through Friday) have passed. Was it FIVE BUSINESS DAYS since your last reminder? If not, you just reset your own wait on my reply. Think about that. That isn't new. If you send me an email before I can reply, you reset your wait on ALL OF YOUR UNREPLIED-TO EMAILS.

And to everyone who isn't one of those people (WHICH THANKFULLY IS MOST OF YOU, AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR THAT, I AM SORRY THE ABOVE NEEDED TO BE SAID,) due to certain people some of my replies may be 3-ish business days apart. I know for awhile I was doing everything in 36 or less hours for replies, but trying to catch up has been hideous. :P If the people who needed the above notice knock it off, it will be less than three days to clean up this email inbox mess. Yay! :)

There are definitely spots on the altar, but reading spots are filling fast for this week. Please schedule ASAP if you need a reading now. 


Hey everyone, I was pretty sick for the last few days and am just getting back on my feet. Thanks for understanding. I'm trying to get everyone rescheduled and updated. DO NOT repeatedly email me. It's INCREDIBLY UNHELPFUL. I will do my utmost to make sure everyone is attended to. Thank you for being understanding. 

I am traveling this weekend, which is a bit later than intended. I didn't really want a four hour trip with me being sick to my stomach, so this has delayed a few things. :P

I am not dying. Apparently old leftovers are a bad idea. I'd say I've learned my lesson, but I'll probably eat week old leftovers again, so that would be a lie. ;)

In good news, I think I lost 20 lbs over the past few days. :)


If I am late on your PAID reading, please reapply, say you paid, and give me approximate times of your availability. I think I have about 3 people who got their times messed up with last week's tech issues, and I want to be sure everyone got the service they paid for! :)

I definitely have reading times and spell times this week. The tech issues I had last week ensured that ;) Please let me know if you are interested in either service! :)

Thanks everyone, again, for your patience. This crazy bad luck is finally clearing out. I appreciate everyone so much for all of the patience you have shown! :) :) :)

Unsolicited calls are never a good thing. If you want to speak to me live and in person, please SCHEDULE your call - thank you! :) Otherwise you'e either interrupting my sleep (thank you 3am call) or interrupting another person's paid session. Please SCHEDULE all phone calls with me. :)


I AM SO HAPPY THAT THIS MONTH IS ALMOST OVER (it will be in hours) because I cannot BELIEVE THE SH!T this month has had. So, I had NO INTERNET OR PHONE (or cable, but that was irrelevant) from around 9-4:30 today. I couldn't even call the damn cable company because I couldn't get on the internet to call the cable company through my (cable company provided) phone. UGH!

If our appointment needs to be rescheduled, please email me. If I'm more than FIVE MINUTES LATE for your appointment and you HAVE NOT received an email from me saying I'm running a little late, EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY. All of this rescheduling is...well, hectic. I don't want to miss anyone's reading. 

The most common problem with a late call is trying to locate your number. Please supply this when contacing me. Thank you!!

Spells haven't been effected...the cable company doesn't run my altars, lol. ;)


I apparently jinxed myself when I said everything would be normal today because as many of you know, the phone was not working, so I had to move ALL MY READINGS AROUND to tomorrow. :P So, yeah, that happened. I'm glad it was just a phone issue, but really this month needs to stop beating me up! *glares at entire month of May*

I did want to let you all know how much I appreciate the help, supportive words, and the patience everyone has shown me. While things are GETTING BACK TO NORMAL at my home, there are still expenses, and plenty of out-of-work life things happening here. So, I know it's annoying. I shouldn't have a personal life...or at least, I vaguely remember I didn't for years and years, haha. ;) It's difficult to be self employed and be my only employee, and this has been a struggle but everyone has been so great and helpful. Thank you so much. :) I have definitely had an easier time doing spellwork than live times, and I know that's annoying for many of you. I deeply appreciate your patience with my scheduling. 

Still plenty of room on the altars - let me know ASAP if you want work done. :) No, I do not start before you pay me (someone asked, haha.)

As in the first line in this entry, you can tell my reading schedule if filling quickly, - there is NO SAME DAY AVAILABILITY FOR READINGS RIGHT NOW. Thank you for understanding. 


Thanks to everyone. Still not dead. ;) Business should be 100% normal by Tuesday, so no more delays. Thanks to everyone for their patience. It means A LOT TO ME.

I have PLENTY OF SPACE FOR ritual. Please just apply.

Readings are easily done by Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience this week. I know scheduling was a bit off. :/ I did message everyone effected, but after the holiday weekend, I promise no further delays. :) 



First, thank you to all who were kind enough to bring up my book. It isn't going to net me near enough of what I'd hoped in this first printing (maybe approximately 2-3 weeks' wages at best,) so...it looks like that sabbatical is off the table. :/ But it is available for purchase here if you're interested. 

Second (and perhaps most importantly,) I need all of you to read this. Yes I was missing for almost 2 weeks, and no, it wasn't book related or even enjoyable. I'd so much rather have been here working and chatting with all of you. I'm not dead, but I couldn't afford to take two weeks off of work (not financially, not with the amount of work I have to do on a daily basis) - it's been awful. But I'm back and not dead...just kind of wishing I was. :/ 

I'd prefer to schedule non-emergency level readings a few days from now if possible. 

I have immediate openings for spellwork. Please RESUBMIT your applications if over 1 week old. Thank you. 


I'm so so so sorry for not being around for the last few days. Someone I'm close to had a personal issue (which was incredibly severe,) and I have had to attend to it. I'm in no way trying to ignore anyone. :( I really did have some serious stuff to deal with (and those who needed to know do know or are, in the next 24ish hours, being informed,) and it had not a thing to do with anyone I work for. Of those I spoke to, MOST were understanding, and the one who was not at least was equitable, and realized I was willing to understand her position, which seemed to go pretty far in making us agreeable and amicable, even if not working together.

Because of the above PLEASE try to understand my tardiness....a few of you have had someone close to you be through something similar or experienced it yourself. I appreciate your patience.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME! I never meant anyone to feel otherwise. 

I really treasure all of you. Sorry if the last 3ish days negatively impacted anyone. :(


I HAVE LOTSA NEWS!! So, first, I am still not done with the backlog. I missed a day of work this week (something I could not afford to do with the backlog,) and it obviously means I'll need a bit more time. :/ Let's go with SUNDAY MAY 7 for the last day to finish the backlog. :/ If you had a reading which was bumped late Thursday or today, please reschedule with me for SATURDAY OR SUNDAY. Thanks for being understanding. If you paid for the reading and then changed your mind and decided you didn't want it because you got bumped, as the service has not been initiated, please let me know, and I can refund your purchase. :) If you are not mad, please reschedule and you have my deepest apologies. 

PLEASE GIVE ME AT LEAST 48-72 HOURS BETWEEN REPLIES. I usually deal with about 5 threads simultaneously. Right now it's more like 15. ;) So if we have an active thread, I am not ignoring you. I spent most of last night and today out of the office, and that didn't speed up my replies, obviously. I realize there was an email issue (my spam filter was up way high, I've fixed it,) with a few clients but that seems to have cleared out and I don't have, to my knowledge, any further reports of me missing emails. IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ME ON OR BEFORE MAY 7, I WILL POST AN ALTERNATE EMAIL TO CONTACT ME THROUGH. Thank you for your patience. 

As many of you know, my book is coming out in the next day or so. When it does, I'm thinking of not taking on NEW (never before worked with) clients for a few months. I really want to have more free time, time to spend on my writing, teaching classes, and less time dealing with everyone else's prolems. I can scale down operations, work on active cases, and take less clients and do this for myself. It's long overdue, and while I appreciate most of my clients SO VERY MUCH (other than a handful of jerkish people here and there, most of you are a blessing to work for), I need more free time and less of a workload before I totally burn out. The book is definitely going to help as it will bring in a little extra income so I don't need to worry so much about paying the bills. :)

I have mail and partial refunds for late mail processing now. Sorry for the delay. I had a large personal loan repaid to me about a day ago. It's taken awhile for it to clear into the bank, but I'm assured it will be in there Saturday. Thank goodness. I hated having any of you wait for something where it was my fault for using old pre-printed postage, and here it is with me looking like a big fat jerk a week and a half later. I don't actually make that much so basically giving the refunds I promised is a lot for me to pay, especially with people getting those items/services for close to free. :/ I am not complaining. The wait is my fault, and while I'm a terrible mailer (if I mail you anything, it will always be a week later than I was supposed to send it, - seriously, I hate the fn post office,) I'm never this terrible. :P OK, there was like one other time. :P 


OK....so I appreciate how most of you have been working with me. It's awesome. I have a few people who obviously don't read announcements, aren't familiar with their contract, and are just causing the rest of us headaches. Please allow me some time to deal with these folks. :P I am glad to excise them from my client list if it gets bad enough. PLEASE DO NOT VIOLATE YOUR CONTRACT which is clearly outlined in the TOS and Client Agreement. Yes, I know it's annoying that I had a huge email issue, yes, I am late on a few replies in theory (though considering I did three weeks of work in less than a week, I'm proud of myself,) and yes, I realize a few of you are probably still unhappy with me, but I didn't fall down a flight of marble steps so I could not die from that and deal with people who think having a bad dream one night is worth me overcoming a broken hand and a cracked rib immediately to reassure them....OK, happy to deal with any client being sensible regardless of my own physical condition, but if you all had any sense of the 3-4 seriously crazy jerks I've dealt with who ignored all my posted stuff, and acted like I was being some horrid person, you might understand my slight cynicism there, heh. 

I AM STILL REPLYING TO PEOPLE WHO FILLED OUT MY SPEED-UP FORMS. Please give me another day or so. I appreciate it! 

Unless we are currently in ACTIVE CONSULT for readings, I am waiting til WEDNESDAY MAY 3 to do new readings. Thank you for your patience. People in ACTIVE CONSULTATION AND SCHEDULING will be scheduled today and tomorrow. 

Since I know the last 10 days or so have been a headache, shortly after posting this I am offering the 10% OFF PAY NOW DISCOUNT. That means if you pay within an hour of receiving your invoice, you get 10% off! :) I definitely have room for readings and spells. 

Oh, and HAPPY MAYDAY/BELTANE, everyone! Any holiday about making love and partying is a great holiday!! :)


Please check this post for details on where I've been, technical and business issues, and etc. Please follow the instructions posted there, and the site will  be updating through the night, so everyone can get the service I'm sure some of you feel I've been lacking. 

I'm not sick anymore - thanks to those of you who were worried. The fall down the stairs didn't kill me - thanks to those of you who were worried. 

Yes, I do have openings/times for services....just trying to streamline the reply system so I can make sure everyone's getting the proper service for active cases, half done consultations, and etc. 

Please do not use this time to have a hissy fit, be rude, be awful or anything else. Honestly, I'm more frustrated by this situation than any of you can imagine. I don't just have a backlog, I have a mess to fix. It's horrid. Being rude isn't going to make it easier or better for everyone.