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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.


Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

The client's section is here to provide info to clients as to when I AM available, when I am not available, and general announcements effecting me or you or both.


Client's Section

The announcements, as follows. :D


Dear ones, this week has been....eventful, long, and slow. :P I thank the majority of you for being patient. I've still had a few more people to give the axe (one high maintenance client takes the time of ten regular ones, and firing one takes days,) I've had several essay question filled emails to reply to, 3 mis-posted (as in postal mail) items to retrieve (and if you belong to that number a partial refund is en route,) and a lot of backlogged replies. We're getting there. Please follow the simple steps below:

If you are waiting on a reply from me PLEASE CONTINUE TO WAIT. The "reminders" (I've not lost your emails,) are actually slowing the reply because it resets the wait. I don't want to make anyone feel ignored but it doesn't speed things up to send several reminders. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS IN A DAY - that's even worse. I have been working 12 hours today already (after 4 hours of sleep last night, for example,) and am continuing to work for you to try to clean up this inbox, and get everyone on the same page. I am checking for emergencies as they come in. 

If you are waiting on a mailed item - three things were mis-posted. I should have them out by Saturday or Monday morning. I need to transfer from the bank to my pay processor to process the partial refund but you will get a partial refund for your patience, and once it's in my pay processor account the refund is immediate. I am really sorry. I know this stuff is late. :P 

Please do not take my tardiness personal. If I didn't like you or didn't want you as a client, I wouldn't just ignore you. That's not my way. If you've sent multiple emails daily, threats, acted out, or have been rude, you may very well get an email telling you I'm all done working for you, but the chances are if you've been relatively patient, you are probably just waiting for my reply. Please continue to be patient. I appreciate it so much. 


Due to a family emergency that took up a lot of yesterday and most of today (this week is just not my buddy,) I was out of the office (and my home) for about 24 hours. This has definitely delayed some replies, but all spells have been taken care of. I realize my more patient clients have been paying the price for the storm and the above event, and I deeply apologize to those of you who have been patient. I'm replying to you (who didn't send repetitive reminders, who waited the proscribed 5 business days,) tonight...which brings me to my next point...

If you have been sending multiple reminders, several repetitive emails, if you constantly email me before I can reply, you may be getting fired today or tomorrow. I'm sick of this. I have a life outside of work, I work for some awesome people who read my announcements, who act like adults, who are aware of their contract (that box you checked with all of the info you read and agreed to,) who are awesome people, and you are making them suffer along with myself. I'm done with you if you can't act like they do. MOST of my clients send me at most 1-2 emails a week (and this is the second one coming after I reply,) outside of ACTUAL emergencies (which are not "I feel sad/angry/upset, comfort me,") happening. I have clients who are 21 right now who behave more like adults than some of my clients who are almost twice their age. So it occurred to me...I could get more work done, I could have more free time, and I could enjoy my job more if I just stopped dealing with the trouble makers. Firings will be going on today and tomorrow. If you've frequently acted out, you may be on the chopping block. 

Please do not be concered that you are one of the above if I've only had to say "I'm really behind" to you all of like one time. ;)

I have updated the Client Agreement (your very binding contract) today. Please take the time to read this. Thank you!! :)


DUE TO A WINTER STORM HITTING MAINE, I AM HAVING SOME INTERMITTENT INTERNET AND ELECTRICAL ISSUES. PLEASE DO NOT REPETITIVELY EMAIL ME "REMINDERS" ON ANYTHING. I am not dead, dying, or missing. I did not forget you. I did not "not see" your one business-day-old email. ;) HOWEVER, it's hard to reply to anything when I don't have an internet connection here and  there, and also you reset your wait on all of your emails if you re-send me something (like a reminder.) Considering how behind I was before this annoying internet/electrical-interrupting storm in regards to my correspondence, reminding me could mean giving yourself a four-extra-business-day wait. 

Mailings will be delayed 2+ days due to this storm. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Kindly read the terms of service, FAQ, and Client Agreement, and disclaimer if you have not done so already. I've been having a lot of time taken up repeating info posted here. 

PLEASE have some patience this week. A lot of the reason replies have run so slow (before this dang storm made it worse,) is that several people seem to think I have a 12 hour reply turn around time, and become livid if I don't reply immediately, and then blow up my inbox. That slows down everyone's response time. If everyone can be patient I will get back to you all as fast as I possibly can, and once I do clear out my inbox, we can go back to having quick response times. ;) So, one week of patience on my clients' end would make this so it's not me pleading with all of you for patience so I can get this inbox tackled and pleading for that every time I do announcements.


I am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY for how behind I am on replies. I am not trying to upset anyone though I realize a few people are irked with me. I am trying to reply to everyone as fast as I can, but with that in mind, please do not be angry if I'm brief in reply. I'm trying to make sure I can get to everyone before this pile of email becomes a titanic wave of emails. :P 

PLEASE  PAY YOUR OVERDUE INVOICES - I don't even want to let you know how many of those damn things is overdue (by quite a bit) right now. :/ 

If you didn't purchase a follow up email, please do not persistently ask for a free follow up email....and that's not just one of you, that's like 5 people in the last day. ;) There is a reason I don't send a canned email about the working like some workers do, and also a reason why those cost money, and I even go over some of those reasons in the terms of service (hint.)

I may be off for a week in April, - sorry for any inconvenience. 


Just as a reminder, the weekend is my time off, and yeah, I need time off. I have 100+ emails a DAY coming in on the weekdays. I have paypal being slow sending notices. I have a slow email. I have a lot of slow everything. ;) Please be patient and AVOID checking up on me til Monday if you can bear it! I appreciate it TONS! I do SPELLS on the weekends, but I try to avoid my inbox if possible. Other than checking for emergencies, I do enjoy spending time with my significant other on the weekend instead of working. ;)

Paypal is running SLOW. I am getting notices 18+ hours later. Please email me if you paid and I've not confirmed payment. I'm sure the problem will clear in a few days but I want to make sure I'm not making anyone anxious! 

I apologize to anyone who had to hear my bronchitis last week. Every cold gives me bronchitis. It sounds gross, but I feel just fine. :)

I realize I say this a lot, but if social media has become a spying game to you, please stop. No one is honest on social media. We all have perfect lives, perfect relationships, and a perfect world. I went through a damn divorce and no one on my social media knew. Why? Because most people don't report such outcomes. :P So, if you're spying on your ex, do you really believe they will tell you about tragedy by posting about it? Probably not. ;)


If you have a paid reading scheduled that was supposed to be rescheduled, and I have not spoken to you - PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. I know this week has been hard on a lot of us...I'm just coming out of a haze of DayQuil myself (damn you, winter cold!) so please don't think I'm personally slighting you if I haven't rescheduled you. I actually am JUST starting to feel better, though if we talk on the phone, feel free to admire my gross cough. ;)

PLEASE PAY YOUR BILLS (excluding people I've spoken to with specific arrangements.) This whole "I'll pay tomorrow (except I mean 2 weeks from now)" thing is not working for me. ;) If you're having a legitimate issue, JUST TELL ME, PLEASE. I'm cancelling old, unpaid invoices today. If you need me to exclude you from that number, LET ME KNOW. Please note, fines are never canceled. If you don't pay that, I put it into collections. ;) That's only 2 people, but I figured I'd let them know that's still due, haha. 

I apologize for being slow with replies. I am finally over the worst part of a cold. I didn't mean to slight anyone. If anyone felt I was "weird" I did take DayQuil after spellcasting and it does make me a bit weird sometimes. ;) I didn't mean to scare anyone. I put 6-8 hours towards spellcasting a day, and I take no substances (except nicotine between spells) during this time while I cast (I need a clear mind) and by the time I'm done I definitely wanted some decongestant. ;) Thanks for understanding. 

Still reworking parts of the site. Sorry if it's malfunctioning for an hour here and there. It usually DOES NOT malfunction, but I'm warning everyone just in case. :)


I have some rescheduled readings that I need to attend to tomorrow. If you're waiting to be rescheduled and I haven't talked to you by tomorrow morning, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 

If you have an unpaid invoice and we've not discussed payment options (because a few people are OK for having a partial invoice out, certainly,) and it's over 2 days old, let me know if you want that service ASAP. I need to clear out all those likely-non-paying people. :P I'm going to be so relieved when I have paid consultation set up and (hopefully) this is a thing of the past. 

PLEASE HAVE A BIT OF CONTROL. Business days are Monday-Friday, AND NOT ON LEGAL HOLIDAYS. Emailing me repeatedly on my days off and acting like I'm "ignoring you" (no, I actually was just taking some time off like I'm entitled to) is the speediest way to get fired. Please be a bit more conscious of what you're doing. Imagine calling a closed business 400 times or something, and then, before they can open, telling them they suck for not having responded yet. That's what you're doing. Plus, there's one of me, not 100 of me. I might need a BUSINESS DAY OR TWO to get back to you.

Thanks to everyone who didn't need the above notices. ;) You're the reason I'm still working this job,


Just a reminder that today IS a holiday, and since I've had a damn stressful February, I'm taking the day off (other than my normal doing billing and addressing actual emergencies, and spellcasting.)

Which brings me to my next point. Some of you have been hugely disrespectful of my days off. I've had people email me Friday night and complain for 2 straight days (Sat/Sun) that I've not replied yet. Er, that's my time off from desk stuff. If you had the month I've had (and a few of you have,) you'd understand why I might want to take one of those days to myself to relax and not deal with everyone's problems other than my own. ;) Please kindly recognize I do need a day off from time to time, and it's not that I'm "ignoring" you. 

I am generally difficult to reach in the mornings because I do most of my spellwork then. This is because next door has been pretty dang loud, and I can spellcast with earplugs in, but I sure as heck would have a hard time being on the phone. It also helps with that my boyfriend is often around later in the day, so if I do that work when he isn't? Win-win. I don't have him running in here asking if I have a lighter or did I know x fact about some nature show he's watching when I'm trying to do your spellwork. ;)

I'm going to be updating the site this week. Please be patient if parts of it are a bit wacky for an hour or so. I'm usually pretty good at making it so that doesn't happen, but I figured I'd let everyone know just in case. 


I'm so sorry for dropping off the planet (not literally, but figuratively,) yesterday. What happened was that I woke up feeling like I had a mildly sour stomach. I started working around 7:30 or so, and thought that I should do my spells because often if a sour stomach is going to turn into an hour long sit on "the throne" it will hit me around noon/1pm (sorry if that's TMI,) and otherwise I'll just feel like I shouldn't have a lot of coffee before that. ;) So I did my spells and sure enough around 12:30, I start to feel a bit more off, but the kind of "off" that should resolve itself quickly. Nope. Instead from 12:30 to almost 2am last night/this morning, I was ragingly ill. Nothing was staying down or staying in me. So, I either had food poisoning or a stomach bug. My boyfriend was equally as ill. He's still sleeping, and I while I got up around 7am and had some water and felt a lot better (and did a few spell things I had to do,) I was really tired and in bed for about half the day. Apparently losing 25 pounds in 24 hours is an exhausting experience. ****blush** I do feel better, but....

Thanks to being sick for a good part of yesterday I am SUPER BEHIND on emails. I write about 100 emails a day. :P So, imagine my inbox right now. I have one person I'm going to make an exception for, but I moved or am moving all readings for today and yesterday to Friday. Most people have been informed. If I'm late confirming a payment you made yesterday, sending instructions, confirming receipt of pictures or etc, please let me have the rest of today to get back to you. DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE REMINDERS BECAUSE I HAVE NOT SPOKEN TO YOU IN 24 HOURS. Everyone is doing that today (I had 5 emails from one of you in under 3 hours,) and it's not helping. Any time I'm sick it takes awhile to sort it and repetitively emailing me is not helpful. :P 

I am feeling almost 100% better though - thanks for asking! :) 

I will be changing some policies on the site in a day or so. Basically new clients (or clients with a history of misused consultations) are going to have to pay for consultations. The epidemic of "pay you next week" and "I didn't read instructions and now am angry that this is effecting me" and "I just came here to waste hours of your time," has to stop. :P


Hey everyone - there is a VERY LIMITED readings special right now - basically because I did less work last week and had to postpone other paying business ON TOP OF paying a ton of my end of year bills (and a few of my boyfriend's, ugh,) I decided since everyone wanted readings, we'll do this one more time. I can catch up financially and my clients can get a wanted service I was doing away with for awhile. The post will DISAPPEAR when the special is over. Please click here if interested. It may not even last the day. First come, first serve. 

If I am more than FIVE BUSINESS DAYS tardy on reply, please let me know. :)

If you need to wait over 4 days to pay me, please wait to apply. Thank you! :)

Thanks again to everyone who was kind during the last week - I really appreciate it. Death is never easy to deal with.