1/18/18- Hey everyone, so I managed to injure my right hand yesterday early-ish in the morning. I couldn't even hold a fork last night at dinner, so I didn't get much done. It's a lot better today, so unless you want a chat reading, I think I can manage shuffling cards, and all appointments should be OK. Despite being very injury prone, that doesn't mean I can get away with working less than five days a week. For being absent most of yesterday (the storm made my internet sucky, anyhow) consider Sunday a business day.

PLEASE PAY YOUR BILLS. I won't keep asking. If my confirmation is late, I will be confirming it today.

1/15/18 - It would seem my pleas for my clients to pay their overdue bills and be timely on payments has been ignored, so it bears repeating. ;) Please pay your overdue bills.

Please remember that you are bound to the client agreement and terms of service. If you break the posting/sharing clause, I will deal with you and basically you're breaking a contract. Realize that at least in the US, unless laws have recently changed, anyone running a forum is not responsible for what you post - YOU ARE. So, while, to some degree, if they are allowing some really illegal stuff to go on, they might get in trouble, if you decide to go on a tear and tell everyone I'm a big stinky bitch face that you hate on some review site or forum, or that I'm awesome and you love me on some review forum (both are breaking your contract), you are breaking your contract. I actually can come after you legally. I've been relatively generous in this respect. Most people I'd take on as clients don't trust internet review sites because they are ridiculous by nature...regardless of what they review. ;) I live near a diner where a 2 year old was being fussy and screaming for an hour until the owner told the parents to quiet her down. When the upset parents (who apparently felt everyone wants a screaming toddler overpowering all voices in a restaurant for over an hour) reviewed the place, suddenly a bunch of fake reviews of this place went up, people claimed "Marcy" (who had sold the place years ago and was not the owner any more) spat and blew her nose in the food, and all sorts of ridiculous bs, none of it true, because they were upset that someone would ask a person to quiet an unruly child. I shit you not. To this day, this place does great business and you wait in line to get in, but it was such a complete viral shitstorm (because that's what internet reviews are, exaggerated nonsense people forget really soon,) at the time that the owner received death threats, and still has fake BS up about her establishment. On the other hand, people who really hate having little children not be minded by their parents and being allowed to be...well, awful little toddlers as toddlers sometimes are, - but I mean, my mom would have taken me out and walked me around to quiet me down if I was acting like that, and this is what these people expected - these people, who never ate at this place - gave it RAVE REVIEWS. Um, look, we're reviewing a restaurant, not if you like or don't like it if someone will or will not allow a child to scream for an hour. How is the food? The price? How fast did you get your food? OK, that's at least most of what people want to know, but I'm pretty sure zero stars or 100 stars for "they tell you not to let a toddler scream for an hour straight" is the least of most people's concern (to be fair, that would make me want to go more, haha.) So, even if you hate the "no screaming for an hour straight" policy, if everything else is on the up and up, that should be four of five stars, right? But this is most if not all online reviews. Either it is ridiculously gushy or it's so negative as to be unbelieveable, and generally based only on a perceived slight. Over a decade ago, I had a woman say I was a mega stuck up c*** (she even stalked me for awhile) because I would not reconcile a woman (not her, some other person) to a very physically abusive man. She'd never asked me for services, I'm just a c*** for not prolonging abuse. I wasn't mean, and the person I rejected said I was rather nice about the whole thing...this woman still went on for quite some time saying I'm horrid if I say no, so having never even F***ING SPOKEN TO ME DIRECTLY, she reviewed me as mega-bitch. Again, this is not going to be a helpful review of my services if 1.) you are not versed enough in spellcasting to be able to understand it at an adpet level and can compare it to multiple other businessnesses also being able to understand their practice if not rootwork (one cannot grade performance if one does not really understand what a good performance is, as - like I say in my blog that TEACHES SPELLWORK - spellwork is not like a vending machine where you get exactly what you want because you punched in a number,) 2.) you are not reviewing the services therein provided themselves which is what someone is paying for but rather just reviewing the person's personality, and 3.) if you base effectiveness of said services on the "bedside manner" of the person providing these same services to you. I am not running a hotel or restaurant. If the best doctor in the world is a jerk but can cure almost anything, which is more important? If the best lawyer can win almost any case but isn't really very talkative with you and doesn't act like your best friend, which is more important? And if you actually knew me, you'd know that unless YOU become a mega asshole, I'm not even likely to show you my cranky pants side. At least 10 times a week I hear "Wow, Cat, you're actually super nice!" so I'm pretty sure if a five star review hinged on me being nice, I'd be doing pretty well...but I don't want to be reviewed, and frankly I could care less if you think I'm a bitch. ;) That aside, the stupidity of review sites is not the reason I have the no posting/sharing clause. ;) Should you be curious as to why (and people have been over the years,) I would gladly enlighten you. :) Just ask me sometime. 

All spells are begun within 36 hours of payment. I realize with the computer issues a week ago, some of you got confused and felt I didn't start this or that. I did. ALSO all RECEIVED EMAILS are in my webmail, so no info was lost. The only issue was getting into my computer. :)

1/12/18- Please pay your overdue bills. A few of them are a bit late. I plan on phasing out payment plans entirely, as it would seem the responsibility of paying these on schedule is outside of at least half of my clientele's ability. Sorry to anyone this may negatively effect. PayPal does offer a plan where you can pay them in increments or later, and I suggest using this method if you need a payment plan henceforth. 

Please DO NOT misuse forms. I'm altering the TOS shortly to reflect this as a heckling behavior. I have had the same emails for a decade. It's silly to pretend these come on alternate emails (they don't.) 

Please see the previous 2 entries (below) for important info regarding sent emailsand delays. Thank you.

1/11/18 - If your reading (see previous entry, below,) was bumped due to unforseen circumstances, please contact me immediately to reschedule.

Thank you to everyonef or your well-wishes. Yes, Saturday and Sunday were crappy, and I had to install an autoresponse for a few days (not that the people who needed it most likely saw it,) but things are much much much better now. :) The autoresponder is now OFF, so no more getting spammed by it, too! :)

My replies from before 1/8/18 are not accessible and may be lost (mail I sent to you) permanently if those repairing my computer have to wipe the hard drive to repair it. All RECEIVED mail is still accessible and on my webmail. 

1/8/18 - So, this weekend was one to forget. On Saturday, I had this premonition something crappy would happen, and for reasons I can't imagine, I decided I'd not listen to my intuition, despite that people pay me to use that very gift. I guess it's that my guy and I had been arguing and I figured we'd just argue. Instead, we were mugged. Yeah, they got everything.

When we got home, the landline had the back off of the receiver for no reason I can think of, and my cockatiel, who has already chewed apart 2 phone charges and an electrical plug, had eaten through the wires connecting the battery to the receiver. So now I need to buy a new landline. My bird is fine and is no doubt attempting to chew through some wire somewhere while I write this...I seriously wonder how cockatiels in the wild survive....

For reasons you all can probably guess, I was in no mood to deal with people yesterday, so I turned on itunes, and put on a movie in the morning, thinking I'd veg. When the movie stopped, I tried to put the internet on, and the computer had frozen. I did what most of us would, attempted to reboot and and it was broken. Brand new ASUS...garbage. Thankfully I have insurance, so I have a loaner while the place I bought it from repairs it. I couldn't bring it in til today, and just to make everything fun, that required me walking since...I was mugged. They got everything...but I have a really good computer right now. :)

And that's good news. That computer was having issues for the last month or so. I think the cracked screen had the most to do with it, but whatever the reason, the company is fixing it. In fact today has had a lot of little blessings, and as I said to my guy, I think maybe all that bad stuff that happened was because something good is coming. We're doing better (not fighting,) I'm not working on a crippled PC that is weirdly slow, and other than the landline (which sucks,) we even paypaled a friend and got some $$, so we're not starving or anything. 

All emails are fine. I'm just tardy in reply for being without a PC 40ish hours.

Readings today have to be rescheduled. I MAY have a working landline tomorrow. I promise to keep my bad bird away from the phone, lol.

1/5/18- Thank you to everyone I spoke with yesterday. I had to deliver some harsh, not sugar-coated, not great news, and not a one of you flipped out on me. That's epic in a good way.

Due to spotty internet, I'm still playing catch up. Everything should be normal by today internet wise, but I still have overdue replies. As I'm just getting effective internet, and the "holiday week" is, at last, over, I am trying to get to everyone as fast as possible. My delay is nothing personal. Thank you kindly for your patience. :)

The holiday pay now deal has ended as of Christmas day. Please don't get mad if I do not apply a discount that ended almost 2 weeks ago.

1/4/18- DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER, I MAY LOSE PHONE OR INTERNET SERVICE INTERMITTENTLY TODAY. THIS MAY EFFECT YOUR READINGS. If you do not hear from me during your scheduled time this is NOT PERSONAL. I DO NOT AND HAVE NEVER HAD CONTROL OVER THE NEW ENGLAND WEATHER, AND THE 2 FEET OF SNOW AND 60 MPH + WINDS ARE NOT HAPPENING BECAUSE THE WEATHER OR MYSELF ARE TRYING TO AVOID YOU. Please kindly reschedule if needed. I should be around all day and can probably even get you a time within a few hours of your time if the weather causes problems at your scheduled time.

Taken out of the "HOW NEVER TO GET SERVICE FROM ANYONE IN MY INDUSTRY PLAYBOOK" yesterday is a gentleman who presented me with a case on his application which looked to be hard or nearly impossible to fix. When I tried to ask a few questions about the situation (because I was pretty sure I couldn't help as is, but wanted to be totally sure before declining), he became pushy and anxious, which was a clear red flag for me to decline this case, and I told him I felt I wasn't the right worker for him, and wished him good luck, but declined the case. I literally said just that with no cussing or impolite language. He returned with a 2 page email full of swear words like bullshit, and told me he'd be hard pressed to give me his money (I told him hours earlier that I didn't want to accept his case which meant I had no desire for his money either,) and went on about how I should not expect to be in business long if I'm a rude ass bitch, etc. I've been in business for almost 15 years now, and was at no time rude. Look, I get it...if you want me to help, you are let down when I say no. That aside, it is entirely wrong to have a complete hissy fit and tell me off if I reject you, and you've already agreed not to engage in such behavior in your contract. There is absolutely no need to lower yourself to that behavior. I CLEARLY RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY APPLICATION FOR WORK AND TO DECLINE TO BE OF SERVICE FOR ANY REASON ON YOUR APPLICATION. My rejecting any case is generally going to be the best decision for both of us. I've been doing this job for the public for a decade and a half, and do not need ridiculous diatribes from someone who has never employed me telling me that I suck at my job. I must be doing something right if I've been in business this long. ;) Since people of this caliber tend to come in threes, the 2 of you I've not yet had apply are free to not apply. ;)

PLEASE LET ME GET BACK TO YOU. Not hearing from me for a day is not grounds for emailing me 15 times a day, lol.

Thanks for your compliments on the new site design! It should be fully functional (it's about 85%-90% there) in a day or so!

1/2/18 - Hey everyone, so the holidays are over and I shouldn't have anymore weird disruptions. I know it's been catch and go with getting me on email or scheduling last week (I had holiday stuff, too, erg,) and now that it's over we can get back to our regular scheduling. ;)

PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR READINGS IF THEY WERE BUMPED LAST WEEK. A lot of people were making strange times, then canceling, and waiting to reschedule, and everything got confusing on my end. I know I still have at least 3 to do. Do not hesitate to tell me if we never properly rescheduled. My hairdresser and I do this often, haha, but I don't want to have this with my clients. ;)

I understand a lot of people aren't getting paid til this week - if you're one of them, can we please wait to schedule something until you get paid? Doing a consultation over a week in advance is actually against site policy. ;)

I have some follow up stuff going out today and tomorrow for conjure work done last week. Please be patient while I get back to you. :)

12/26/17 - Well, due to delays and travel stuff, I still have more site work to do. That's mostly forms and links, so I am sure not too many people are upset still using the easy contact form, haha. ;)

PLEASE start using my site email and NOT my gmail. I check my gmail maybe once a week. It's my personal email and not a work email. I check my work email several times daily. 

Due to the holiday, a few replies might be slow. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay your bills. Every year around Christmas, payments slow down and I understand why, but normally by "boxing day" (today) it picks back up again. HOWEVER some people forget they have a payment due or got on a payment plan. ;) Please pick up the remainder of your bill ASAP. Thank you!

I am traveling today and tomorrow, so I might be keeping some strange hours. If you need a reading, please be flexible if it is for today or tomorrow. Thank you!

12/22/17 - So the site is finally up, but NOT ALL LINKS ARE FUNCTIONAL, so right now, navigation may be a bit off. 

I realize many of you are probably excited about there not being my usual giant forms for different services - realize that won't be going on much longer. ;)

If you sent me an email prior to Monday, December 18, or on that day, please re-send it to me. My email was NOT WORKING and everything prior to the 19th December is ERASED PERMANENTLY.

And for those of you just finding out,  basically this past weekend (17th-18th?) my site was deleted in an egregious error by my host. Basically, it was a mercury retrograde event to remember, ugh. So, the site is being remade and updated. Most (if not all) of the content of the old site will be back up, minus possibly a few pictures. Please be patient, the site should be 100% by Xmas! :)