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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.


Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.



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Thank you for contacting me. To select the proper option, please hover over the services/contact above, OR select from the list located at the bottom of the page. There is a general list of services, a rootwork application form, a reading application form, a Cat's Rants query form, and the other inquiry form for all other inquiries.

If you are looking for services, please take a moment to look over the following notice:

So much time and so many tears would be saved if people read the posted information before wasting my time and their own by not doing so. My aim here isn't to be scary, but sadly, recent events have shown me that too many people need to see this. I'm sorry if it scares anyone. :/ Please keep in mind:

I DO NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS TO ANY OF MY RULES. If you're under 21, if you're contacting me requesting services from a country outside of the North American continent when I say I'm only serving Canada and the USA, or if you are not being honest when you check off that you read and agree to the terms of service, client agreement, and disclaimer, you are only guaranteeing we will never do business together. Why? First of all you're dishonest and reckless. What if I put that you have to give me power of attorney and a million dollars on that client agreement? I wouldn't, but... You'd just blindly agree? Well if that's true, let's cut me a check for a cool million. ;) If I say I'm not working for anyone outside the USA and Canada, and you are from Singapore or Poland or the UK or India, then you just showed me you think my rules don't apply to you (it's posted I won't accept business from other countries,) you probably lied (your choices are USA or Canada for country of residence, so if you pick either in live in neither, you're technically a liar,) as I must reasonably assume a person over 21 knows if their home country is or is not in North America, so...while there is a possibility you're just mentally disabled... it's more likely you're a reckless dishonest person who's just going to waste my time, and therefore no one I'd ever want to allow to hire me. Don't like that? Then read the terms of service, client agreement, and disclaimer before you say you read it, make sure I'm accepting business from your country or region (posted on the rootwork services page), and be over 21 to avoid that outcome. ;)

I WILL CALL YOU ON YOUR MISTAKES. It's my job to keep you on point and make sure you're not messing up your own work. I am not doing this to be cruel or unkind, but rather to help ensure your not-at-all-cheap-spellwork is more apt to manifest the way you want it to. This means I have to be direct and lack tact occasionally, though I do try to be as nice as possible (believe it or not.) If you don't like that, I'm not the worker for you.

I PREFER TO WORK WITH CLIENTS I HAVE A HISTORY WITH. I will be completely honest here - new clients are more work for me because they need to be acclimated to how I work. They are often overly anxious, prone to problem behaviors, and require quite a bit of instruction as compared to return business. So, it isn't always easy to become my client. I consider 10 new cases a week (even with clients I have a history with) a HUGE AMOUNT of new work insofar as business. Since recently at this writing (November 2012) I get far more than 10 new business inquiries a day, as you can imagine, I say no to new requests far more often than I say yes.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DECLINE TO ACCEPT YOUR BUSINESS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Please save us both lots of time by not trying to guilt or annoy me into yes. Should you attempt to use guilt or annoying me to get me to change my answer, this merely underlines to me that you would have made for a problem client, and I've made the right decision. In other words, you're just showing me "no, thank you" was definitely the right answer to give to your request.

I GENERALLY ONLY GIVE REFERRALS TO PEOPLE I'VE WORKED WITH IN THE PAST. I have very few trusted workers I'd send clients to, and the ones I do trust are friends. I only send my friends clients I know.

SPELL COACHING COSTS THE SAME PRICE AS A READING PER HOUR. ASKING ME ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU EVER HAD ABOUT CASTING YOUR OWN SPELLS IS TRYING TO GET SPELL COACHING. So, if you want me to help instruct you on spellcasting and you have SEVERAL questions, let's set up an appointment, otherwise, that's not a free service. I'll answer questions within reason, but if I'm already 7 days behind on many emails, it's short sighted of you to assume I have hours of "free time" to just write out pages and pages of information for you.

TREAT ME WITH THE SAME RESPECT YOU WOULD TREAT ANY STRANGER IN A (POSSIBLE) POSITION TO HELP YOU. If we've never met, being rude, mouthy, and making demands of me like I'm a servant won't get you very far. Try acting like you just met me through a friend rather than you just drove up to the McDonalds drive through window and I'm there.

I ONLY SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH. If you write me something in text speak ("u" instead of "you", "bc" instead of "because" etc,) or do not spell out what you're saying, I will ask you once to write it in English, and if you don't, I'll just delete the request and not respond to you further.



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