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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.


Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

I've listed the general list of services I've offered here. If you're still confused, please check the FAQ, or contact me with your question. :)


General List of Services

The following is not a finite list of services that I know how to do, however this is a general price guide to the most popular requests. Many prices are static and reflect the custom work being done for the client. All prices are in US Dollars.

Live services - Psychic Reading or Spell-Coaching:

Psychic Reading:
30 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $125
120 minute pack (generally people split this into 2-4 readings) $195

Spell Coaching live on the phone (instruction and assistance in how to cast your own spells):
30 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $125

Spell Coaching (through chat - Facebook, Skype, or G-chat):

2 thirty minute sessions: $60
4 thirty minute sessions: $110


Consultations, for Spellwork** and other:

Initial Consultation (new-client, via email) - Applying for services is free, and the client will be told FREE OF CHARGE if the application will be moved to the consultation phase or not. No one is EVER charged for applying for services.. First ten minutes of consultation are free, $15 per every 20 minutes thereafter. This is timed by how long I spend WRITING MY REPLY, and there is no charge for me reading the clients' reply. If you need clarification, please just let me know in your application. I do not mind clarifying consultation rules for 100% free. ;)

This $15 is due after the first ten minutes of consultation, but will be subtracted from the cost of the spell if a spell is purchased, however in consultations going OVER 30 minutes time, each additional $15 is considered an extra charge, and will be added to the spell price. Most people WILL NOT exceed 30 minutes email consultation time, in my experience, so the $15 is refunded upon you making a purchase. :)

Return-client Initial Consultation (via email) - First 30 minutes of consultation are free, $15 for every 20 minutes thereafter. As above, time is calculated by how long it takes me to compose my reply (and if you've worked with me before, you know I'm a fast typist,) not by how long it took me to read your inquiry or replies. Most people WILL NOT exceed 30 minutes email consultation time, in my experience, so the consultation could very well be free! :)

Extra "spell support" consultation time (client will be notified within 30 mins remaining if this is imminent in regards to their case, generally only occurring in high-maintenance cases) $15 per half hour, $25 per hour. Every spell-package comes with FOUR HOURS of spell-consultation support. :)

Consultation on a project for film, television, documentary, literary project, or related matter: $110 per hour, bulk rates available, rates flexible depending on the project. ;) Please inquire and give details.

Note of completion (3-5 paragraphs letting you know spell is done being cast) $55. 3-4 lines to let you know the spell is cast $25.  I tell you anything of importance without this "note" for free, so it's up to you if you feel this is required. Most people find they don't need it, and 99.9% of my clients don't request this.

Extra Fees (may be incurred by abusive behavior):

Misused Consultation (consultation was over 4 days earlier): $75

Unpaid invoice (invoice not paid in over 48 hours) $25 each 48 hours

Chargeback fee: $250 (if the client contacts me to let me know this is in error of their financial institution, I will waive this fee.)


Rootwork Services***:

Honey Jar (worked for 4 weeks): $175****

7-Day Spell Casting (requires consultation): $300-$335* (Most popular package).

14-Day Spell Casting (requires consultation) $575

21-Day Spell Casting (requires consultation) $755

30-Day Spell Casting: $1125 USD (includes 60 minute reading, requires consulation)

"One Year" Plan - see this link

"Emergency"/Sliding Scale services (love and reconciliation ARE NOT EMERGENCIES and will not be considered, and not to be used in place of medical, legal, psychiatric services - please call 911 if having a medical emergency, if under physical attack, or if someone has committed a legal offense against you such as harrassment and assault, etc.) please inquire via this form, and specify WHY you need pro bono services, and what the emergency is.





* Almost all my spells are 7-day spellcastings unless otherwise specified prior to purchase. Most basic seven day spellcastings run between $305-$335 on average but the price fluctuates from person to person, reflecting the customization of each spell plan for each individual client. This is the most common purchase for services.

** ALL INITIAL EMAIL CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST 10 MINUTES. Rates differ how much I will charge after this based on foreknowledge of a client. Most of those on my past/active client list are respectful of my time and have a lesser charge applied to them for that reason. There is consultation time during the spellwork's active phase included in the spell charge - most people do not exceed this and will not be required to purchase any additional time.

***Almost all spell services require consultation

****Honey jars do not come with any spell support.  I work the jar for 4 weeks, but do not counsel the client past a few lines after initial purchase. "No spell support" may not be applicable if part of another spell package.