Psychic Reading is available in 30 minute, 60 minute, and 120 minute increments. Most people who purchase the 120 minute package DO NOT use the entire 2 hours in one reading, however, if you really feel like you need 2 hours of my time, please feel free to purchase a full 2 hours. My rates are $70 for a half hour, $125 for the full hour, and $200 for 120 minutes.

Generally speaking, I call the client, however if you are an international client, I may have to use chat or you may need to call me. My phone service allows me to make some international calls at no additional cost, but other international calls are at egregious rates. Please specify your country if outside of North America. I am only fluent in English, so if you are not fluent in English, we may not be able to conduct a reading.

Psychic Reading Services

Please do not mis-use forms. This form is ONLY for requesting readings. DO NOT use it for any other purpose. If you want a spell and a reading, use the rootwork services form.