The "one-year" plan is a spell package containing 15 weeks of spell casting, three spirit conjures, and (within reason) unlimited readings. The value is over 50% off of retail price of all those spellcastings, and probably within the range of 70-75% off of retail when the readings are taken into account. Basically, it is as close to "wholesale" as I can afford to offer to my customers, and for most clients, the package easily lasts a year. :)

Common Questions are

Why does anyone need this much spellwork? 

A: Well, most people do not use it for a singular problem, although if the situation is severe enough (for example, chasing an ex you want back down the street with an axe on multiple occasions prior to contacting me,) it is possible that it would focus on a singular problem. However, the majority of clients purchase this in order to have me, more or less, at their beck and call for any need for about a year. 

What happens if all of the spellwork isn't used up after a year?

A: The remaining balance is still able to be used, although after some time free readings would expire. For example, if you used all but 2 weeks of spellcasting, you can't have free readings for the next 3 years until you decide to use the other 2 weeks. ;) TECHNICALLY, the readings expire after a year, but if you have 1 or 2 weeks left on the spellcasting package, I would most likely be more than happy to do 1-2 more readings for free.

Do a lot of people buy this?

A: Since I started offering it, I often sell out before December. I can only afford to sell so many of these packages, and so yes, it's relatively popular, but the item is limited. 

Can I get a refund for the remaining balance if I only need 10 spellcastings?

A: No, once the service is initiated, there are no refunds, as set forth by the TOS, Client Agreement, and Disclaimer. 

How unlimited are the unlimited readings?

A: If it becomes a situation where someone wants me to read them multiple times a week every week, this is excessive. The clients who purchased this do not ever go over 2 readings a month at this writing, and that's perfectly fine and not "pushing the limit." I think if someone wanted 4 readings a month, that would be pretty fair to me.

Do only rich people buy this?

A: Not at all! People who are frugal tend to buy this because it saves A LOT OF MONEY. I have had purchasers of every income bracket. 

Can I call you whenever I want if I buy this?

A: Not really. I am asleep some of the times people would want to call. I am also on the phone with other clients at other times. I prefer people schedule calls. If there was some sort of emergency, most of my clients already know my number (cell or landline, surprisingly, people know one or the other, haha,) and some have called me without making an appointment if there was an emergency, so certainly it's likely that someone COULD call me at any time, but I prefer to schedule calls.