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Client Agreement

1. Clients are expected to have read, agree to-, and be familiar with: 

a. The Terms of Service http://www.originalninjacat.com/Terms-of-Service.html 

b. The Disclaimer http://www.originalninjacat.com/Disclaimer.html 

c. The Frequently Asked Questions Section http://www.originalninjacat.com/FAQ.html 

d. Clients Section/Announcements (updated every few days at least!) http://www.originalninjacat.com/Client-Section.html

As the client's section/announcements update frequently, please take a moment to check these before contacting me. :) 

2. While some EMERGENCIES may occur or even some hugely important event might happen, clients are expected to keep communications limited. 1-2 emails a week that are respectably brief and to the point are fine. Anything over 2 emails a week is likely excessive. If you’re “just curious” on a topic, and expect me to spend 2-3 hours explaining something that isn’t even related to our business together, that is also not appropriate. Spell prices are spread out so that I make about $10/hr for my time. If you’re turning into an epic-level email support case, you will be asked ONCE to please curb the amount of email, then if it continues to be excessive, I may have to apply a fee to make up for hours working for you. If it’s truly excessive and disrespectful, I may even choose to terminate our business together entirely. 

3. Clients must understand I am under legal obligation to: 

a. report threats of suicide 

b. report intentions of violence towards another (obviously, “I hate her so much I wish she’d just spontaneously combust!” is different – you’re blowing off steam, but “I’m going to hide in his closet with with a gun and wait for him to come home!” is probably a sign you’re going to hurt someone and I may have to report it) 

c. report major crimes (so if you told me you left the bodies in a ditch, I might have to report that, but if you told me you jaywalked yesterday I won't report anything like that.) ;) 

d. insist that the proper authorities be contacted in cases of legal, physical, or similar emergency. If your health or safety are seriously in danger, please contact your doctor or the police. 

4. While there is no penalty for contacting me while on vacation or on my day off, clients are expected to be considerate and understand that I will likely be answering a lot of people when I return from a day off or vacation, which may lead to a delay in reply. Do not have fights with my inbox while I’m on vacation or having a day off. 

5. My instructions to clients are never difficult or expensive (more like “let this person contact you first” or “Do not fight with this person”) but if the client fails to follow these simple instructions, spell failure is a possibility. Clients agree (as per the TOS) that following my few instructions is paramount to success. Failure to do so does not place the onus on me but on the client when spell failure occurs. This is not me wanting to project blame, just part of how spells work (which is why I often give you 2 or 3 instructions, usually, so you won’t make the spell fail,) and if you are not willing to accept this, I am not the right worker for you. 

6. It may take days for a reply if I get busy. Please do not email me to see if I got your email unless more than 5 (five) business days (monday through friday) have passed. Please check the Clients' Section for any announcement regarding delays if more than 5 business days have passed before you assume I have "forgotten" about you or won't be replying to you.

7. Clients must agree to treat me RESPECTFULLY at all times. If you think speaking down to me or ordering me around is your right because I accepted money from you for services, you are quite wrong. I am not a slave or a servant. Remember to keep your manners. If you don’t you’ll find yourself my EX client with no refund very quickly. I may have to say things you find coarse or harsh, but this is because I’m being honest and that can mean I’m saying things which you don’t want to hear. This is not to be cruel or hurtful. Please take a few hours to think over what I said if it offended you before you reply. It’s rare but some people take me telling them to “stop acting crazy” and “get some control over their emotions” (when acting crazy and totally out of control,) as a reason to tell me off. Be advised if you tell me off, I’ll fire you as a client. If you really have to "have the last word," and "tell me like it is" (which is, generally, what someone is doing when they talk down to me, tell me off, or in some way act out,) keep in mind, it very well may be the last time we speak. :P 99% of the people I work for never need me to say this, but sadly, some people just don't know when to quit. Please don't be one of those people, or I'll quit working for you. ;)

8. I do not work alongside other workers. If you are working with another spellcaster or psychic, I would prefer to wait to do business with you when you’re no longer interested in using that person’s services.

9. I do not answer free psychic questions. 

10. While I mainly practice Hoodoo (also called rootwork,) a practice related most strongly to African Diasporic practices, I may use elements of ceremonialist, enochian, psionic, celtoid, norse, western astrological, middle eastern, biblical or meditative spellcraft/working (among other paradigms,) in any working without notice. While animal parts are used in some workings, if you are opposed to this, please let me know. All of my items are humanely harvested, and honestly are usually just naturally shed snake skin (found) and raccoon baccula (I’m pretty sure most of those come from roadkills, but are mass purchased via a bone seller who is known for humanely harvesting specimens or gathering “found” specimens which had died from tragedy, accident, or disease.)  Some meat items or eggs found in a supermarket might be used. I do not torture nor do I condone harm to any animal.

11. Refunds are limited, and may only be initiated if the spell or reading has not begun. You may read the limited refund clause in the Terms of Service by clicking here.

12. Clients agree to the posting/sharing clause in the terms of service. 

13. Spell coaching, and live consults cost as much as readings. If you would like a consultation by phone or coaching for casting your own spells, please schedule the same as you would with a reading. 

14. All services are sold for curio purposes only. While I adhere to traditional practices, and do my best to provide genuine service, these services are of a spiritual nature, and therefore must be sold for entertainment and/or curio purposes only in accordance with law. 

15. I do my best to be successful for you, but success cannot be guaranteed.

16. I reserve the right to decline to accept any request for spellwork or a reading for any reason.

17. All spells are cast within 36 hours of payment unless otherwise noted prior to payment.
18. While it's unfortunate some people of this ilk exist (I've now met 3 of them in 10+ years of business, so it's at least rare,) if you attempt to make a chargeback via your bank or credit card after the service has been initiated you will be liable for the cost of the service (if it is not refunded by your issuing bank - I will give the credit card company ALL OF YOUR EMAILS, and they generally side with me,) as well as a further $350 fee per each reversed item for your chargeback. If you contact me and this is just a mistake on your end (these problems are often fixed within a day if that's the case, and I do not blame you if there is a problem with your bank - when this is an error, I usually hear from the client straight away,) I will waive the $350 fee if the original amount returns to my account within 48 hours of the chargeback. The fee is only enforced on those who are willflilly attempting to steal or get a free service, and is representative of the time I spend dealing with your bank as well as my payment services. If you chargeback the item directly via my payment services, the cost is each amount charged back, as well as $350 per charged back amount. As there are never any "mistakes" when someone attempts theft via "dispute/chargeback" directly via the payment processors I use, absolutely no grace period is given in these cases, EXCLUDING cases where I can clearly define it as a bank error, OR if the service WAS NEVER PROVIDED (in this case, the chargeback fee is $100 as I am happy to refund a service which is NOT PROVIDED but the client needs to contact me for that refund so I can process it). Chargebacks on a service you had rendered for you are a form of theft, and if I am forced to, I will report it as such. Please do not commit credit card fraud and/or theft of services. If you have some problem with the service, contacting me first is the way to go. As per the disclaimer, the Terms of service, and the Client Agreement (see 11), you are not entitled to a refund for a service which has been rendered, and trying to foricibly steal that money from me is not a solution. Stealing money from me just makes me angry, wastes my time, and wastes the time of all of my other clients. You can't reason that you ate a meal at a restaurant 30+ days ago, so it's perfectly fine if you reach in their till and take that money back now, and chargebacks are the same idea. As you agree to be bound by all of the terms in the Client Agreement, you will be found responsible for these amounts in any court of law, so I strongly suggest you avoid lowering yourself to this form of theft. 
       18a. The client also understand and promises not to cancel any unpaid invoices for chargeback fees, or will pay $100 per cancellation for these fees.
        18b. Invoices cancelled for services which have been performed but are unpaid cost $150 per cancellation. 
        18c. The client agrees he or she is fully responsible for the full amount for services provided, any charges incurred from attempting a chargeback or reversal of the payment price, for any fines levied by attempting a chargeback or cancelling an invoice, and for the full cost of the amount of the owner of the business's legal fees (hiring an attorney, a collections agency, etc,) and any other costs incurred.
        18d. The client agrees that they will not cancel ANY invoice from OriginalNinjaCat.com, and that even if this invoice is for a service that the client decided against purchasing, (services performed and unpaid, or services performed and charged back being discussed above,) that they understand that this passive aggressive behavior means they are banned for life from making future purchases from OriginalNinjaCat.com. (Basically, 18d states that if you decide not to get that reading or spell before you pay me, just ask me to cancel the invoice, - which I will do within minutes, and at no cost to you - and with no hard feelings on my end,-  and it will be cancelled, otherwise your passive aggressive behavior in self-canceling an invoice I sent means you're fired for life.)
19. Only the first 10 minutes of EMAIL CONSULTATION are free. If you are a new client, you will be asked to pay a small fee (which is then subtracted from the cost of the spellwork,) for an email (standard) constulation aftger ten minutes. If you are a return client, you may have a free thirty minute (email) consultation. This time is assesed by leaving a timer next to me while I type, NOT while I read your inquiry. Time between replies is not counted. ALL LIVE CONSULTATIONS COST MONEY. There is no free phone/live consultation option of any kind. If confused by this please contact me using the other inquiry form
20. AS INSTRUCTED IN BOTH THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND FAQ SECTIONS: Please do not try to solicit my business until you are ready to pay for services. If you cannot pay WITHIN FOUR DAYS of the initiation of our consultation, please let me know how many days in advance this will be in your consultation (so if you contact me Monday but can't pay until Thursday of that week, just tell me this.) If you CANNOT PAY WITHIN FOUR DAYS wait to apply, otherwise your consultation will be marked as "mis-used," and you will be assessed a penalty. Remember, most people come to me ready to begin, and I can easily lose business if dealing with someone who believes it's perfectly acceptable to take up a ton of my time even though they are not ready to begin the work. I attend to paying business (as in business which is ready to pay me,) first because this is a business, and making sales is imperative to keeping it running. ;)

21. The client agrees that their breaching or being ignorant any of the above gives me the right to dismiss them as a client permanently, and without any financial compensation on my part. In the case of section 18, if the chargeback fee is unpaid after two months, I will send the fee into collections and/or, depending on the amounts owed, to the proper legal authorities, as well as report to all three major credit reporting companies...obviously anyone comitting theft of services (thus the chargeback) has already breeched the terms of service, client agreement, and any contract they have, and are no longer welcome to purchase any service from this site.  
The agreement up to date as of November 19, 2018. Should the agreement change the date of change will be reflected on the agreement, and noted in the Clients Section.