December 10, 2018 - Hey everyone, I had missed a few days of emails last week due to not having wifi (I had not been in Maine at the time...my wifi is working fine, haha,) so I am sorry if I am tardy getting back to you. Please check the client agreement and the terms of service, though....several of you are violating your contracts, and while I do understand this is from ignorance, it would really, really, really make catch up on emails run much more smoothly if you did not engage in that kind of behavior. :)

November 26, 2018- Hey everyone, I am still catching up on some emails sent over the holiday weekend (November 22-25,) so please give me until noon tomorrow to have all of that finished up. :)

Also, I will be off on November 29, and will be returning on November 30. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

November 19, 2018- Do not self cancel unpaid invoices. If you owe the amount, - because I did the service or you attempted a chargeback, - I will merely have my attorney send you the bill next. And I've updated the client agreement to show that now this behavior carries a fine as well.

November 15, 2018- Well, now everyone (well some people,) have gone and done it. They did the opposite of what I said to do, or they completely ignored the very advice they asked me for, and now I get to wake up to people crying and having hissy fits and meltdowns...because they refused to follow very simple instructions, or heed my advice. 

I don't ask much of people. I'm the spellcaster, and I do the work. My instructions are things like "Do not fight with this person you want me to reconcile to you," or "stop trying to check their social media," or "let your target make first contact," or even things like "If you want me to help get a new job, please show up to interviews." 

You know, I basically try to prevent obvious bad behaviors which would work against the spell, and then try to stop lust for results and/or stalking, and if I said this to you, and you were not working spells on a love target or on getting a job or anything, you'd probably look at me funny because you'd think I must think you are a crazy person if I have to tell you.

See I think of spells like a medical treatment or legal aid. If I break my leg, and the doctor sets it and tells me not to put weight on it, I don't go hiking the next day in my cast. Common sense, really. I rest (and keep the leg raised,) that part of my body and let it knit together. If I run into some legal trouble, and my lawyer says "don't even jaywalk," I'm going to make sure I follow all signs and signals for pedestrians properly. It is the same with spells. You can't just act against the spellwork and expect it to do what you want perfectly and quickly, no matter how good the spell is.

And you know, just like a medical issue or legal issue, even if you act your best, there can be complications and problems. I don't deny that. 

BUT, if you INVITE complications and problems by acting against the spellwork, and if I've told you 100 times to stop doing x or y action because it is prolonging the manifestation phase or harming the work (and again, my instructions are beyond simple, and anyone can do them,) then eventually this is going to happen - I will realize how much I like helping people WHO WANT HELP, and decide that you DO NOT WANT HELP. 

Because this morning I woke up to several people who have been told COUNTLESS TIMES to stop engaging in particular bad behaviors which have prolonged their manifestation and have actually caused them unnecessary suffering during the manifestation process (obsessive anxiety and worrying causes unnecessary suffering,) and while I've watched clients who I had hire me AFTER these people had get everything they wanted (and their cases are manifested, done with, not active now because they have what they want), this group has remained in limbo, only for several of them to decide repeatedly that my advice is like a suggestion for what to make for dinner and not something that I am telling them which is PARAMOUNT to their work manifesting. So this morning "I'm freaking out," and "I did a bad thing and now I'm upset," are what these people are saying.

Well, how many times have I repeated (very patiently,) the same advice only to have "teehee, I did what you told me not to anyway!" as the response. I have no pity left if I have told you SEVERAL TIMES TO STOP ENGAGING IN BAD BEHAVIORS. None. I mean anyone makes a mistake once, but when it's come to the amount of times this group (and it's literally 5-6 people here,) have just not minded my instruction and acted like it was no big deal, only to come to me for reassurance...just...no. If you keep doing a stupid thing, and I keep saying, with kindness and patience, not to do it, eventually when you keep doing and and hurt your spellwork and upset yourself, I'm going to tell you that you were told many times how to avoid that. 

I mean, is it too much to ask for to have people who are willing to follow VERY SIMPLE AND EASY INSTRUCTIONS so I can GET THEM WHAT THEY WANT IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, because that is all I want. 

NOTHING I ask is difficult. The most difficult thing I ask of anyone is to try to put the situation/person out of mind during the manifestation process, and frankly, if you stay busy with thinking tasks (those which require you to engage your brain,) you will be capable of that. I realize I need to give a pep talk to more than one person sometimes (and I'm fine with that,) and I have the patience to understand people will fuck up (it happens) but this is absurd. 

Soooo, if you went and you did the OPPOSITE of what you were instructed to do, be that avoid social media, or don't fight with your ex, and this is something you've continued to do, despite my pleading and encouraging better behavior, - if this has been an ongoing problem, please don't expect my sympathy today. I am going to focus on the people who ACTUALLY WANT HELP, and so far as I can tell, people who actually want my assistance and who actually want what they asked me for don't need me to repeat the same advice and instruction several times a week, only to not heed that advice and instruction and come back upset that their bad actions caused them upset and turmoil.

If I tell some people not to pour gasoline on themselves and light a match because it is dangerous and they might die, I'm pretty sure this group would be bathing in petrol and lighting matchbooks almost immediately. SHEESH! 

Very disappointed today. I work for so many awesome people, and this group here takes up the most time and makes all their own problems. 

PLEASE, if anyone out there actually wants something they think I can get them through spells, and can manage to act in accordance with the work, contact me, because I LOVE working for people like you. There is such a happy rush watching someone get everything they wanted thanks to me. But it sure is draining to repeat the same advice and instruction over and over and over and over, only to have someone not heed it, when I could so simply get them all they want if they could just mind the very simple instructions I give. So, if you can't follow simple instruction, please do not contact me. I have enough people in that camp today, and I need people who actually want to get what they ask me for and who are totally okay with things like not stalking their target or not stalking their perceived rival. 

Alright, done ranting. :P 

November 14, 2018 - Please contact me when you are READY TO PURCHASE THE SERVICE. It's actually in the client agreement and TOS that you have four days from the consultation to pay for the service, or else you have a MISUSED CONSULTATION, and I will have to redo the consultation. :P I've not been a hard ass about this, but it's getting very tiresome to work (and doing a consultation is work,) and then be told you will buy something in the next 3-4 weeks... A consultation IS NOT A PRICE CHECK. If you go to the SERVICES PAGE, there is a general list of services with prices next to it. If you just want to know the price of something, please check there.

Still have 2 spots open for the "one year plan." It's basically me doing the work for what it costs me, so I am afraid the price can't go lower. You get more than 50% off of the cost of the work. I have had a lot of interest, but it is a large bulk payment, so I understand people thinking over if they want to make the purchase.

Praying for my clients in California. So sorry to hear about so many of you being displaced. I hope your homes (and you and your families) are safe! 

November 11, 2018- Just to let everyone know that tomorrow is a legal holiday here in the states so I will be taking LIMITED reading requests, and have LIMITED office hours. I will not be taking the whole day off, but I am taking half a day, because I've been working a lot this weekend. ;) Thank you for understanding. :)

November 7, 2018- While, frankly, I should have to even say this because the whole episode from this former client was ridiculous, I will say it. If you see that I posted on my blog, but haven't replied to one email of yours (and only one, no less), this isn't me ignoring you. The chances are, your email got lost in a flurry of other emails. Defending gross and bad behavior because I updated my blog (and that is technically part of my job, so I have to do that, too,) and had not replied to an email you sent (and one you never re-sent nor did you mention you had not heard from me,) is not going to cut it. I expect respectful behavior at all times. Degrading yourself to an outburst because you emailed me 2 weeks ago (never ever saying anything in those 2 weeks, but fuming that I had the audacity to write blog articles in that time,) will not result in free services, or anything similar. :P I do not reward bad behavior.

Please pay your gosh-danged invoices. I hate chasing you guys down for payments. :/

I am thinking of doing a Questions You've Asked Me Contest either late this month, or right at the end of December, so if you are a fan of my blog, stay tuned! :) 

October 29, 2018- TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR 10% OFF! Please contact me NOW if you want sale prices. :)

Please DO NOT email me repeatedly about your social media stalking (see below,) as I really will just tell you to get the eff off of Instagram or What's App or whatever. ;)

I am SOO SORRY that I was so busy last week and took like 2 days to reply to stuff. :/ I will try not to let that happen again. People even almost got fired because they didn't remember a time when I was so busy that I didn't reply on the same day. ;)  Well, now you know that it happens, ha ha. ;)

October 22, 2018- If you are stalking someone's social media and use this as a reason to CONSTANTLY CONTACT ME WITH ANXIETY, you are banned from using social media for 2 weeks. I have my hands full with REAL ISSUES, not that someone didn't like x thing or someone liked some post and you dislike that person. Kindly DO NOT pester me with social media concerns. MOST of the time (as in 99% of the time) it creates more problems and solves none to stalk someone's social media or see if they've been online or check who liked what (1000 likes and you know that one person you don't like is one of them? Ahem.) So...get off your facebook, instragram or snap chat or whatever for 2 weeks if you've contacted me regarding useless social media anxiety disorder. ;)

I am going to be running a sale this week, stay tuned!

Please schedule readings WELL IN ADVANCE if you can. I appreciate it. My week gets full very fast and I often CANNOT schedule the same day. Sorry for any inconvenience. :)

October 16, 2018- If you have been fired, please do not use the contact forms to try to make contact. You're fired and I won't reply.

Then again, fired people never read the announcements because why do anything by the rules if they couldn't follow them to begin with, ha! ;)

Please do not insist on free phone calls from me. All calls must be paid. Unscheduled and/or unpaid calls are grounds for firing on the first offense (but I'm usually nice if it happens once.) I HATE THE PHONE, probably because I'm on it all day, and as per the TOS you agreed to email-driven communications. Thank you for understanding. 

PLEASE PAY YOUR BILLS. I am waiting on like 15 people to pay, and everyone has a different excuse. ;) I am being very very nice and not pressing the misused consultation fee on anyone, but really, you need to stick to the CA because it helps my business run smoother, and then I don't have to wonder why I have so many pages of information you agreed to but seem ignorant of. :) So, just pay those bills, please. My bill collectors and my stock suppliers can't take your excuses as payment, I'm afraid. :/

October 15, 2018 - Please kindly SCHEDULE readings. Some of you are getting really bad with "Are you free this second?" and honestly, no, it's usually going to have to be scheduled a day in advance. :/ Mondays and Fridays are the WORST in regards to this. :/ 

Please get your payments in ASAP. I have had a lot of trouble with "chasing people down" on bills lately and it's a pain in the tush. If you don't want the service, that's fine. Just tell me, and I'll cancel the bill. No hard feelings. If  you DO want the service but need to wait for your check to come in, please just tell me. I am usually pretty understanding. 

October 14, 2018 - Hey everyone. I had to delete all of my past announcements because there is something up with the editor program on my hosting package, so we're starting fresh. The nice thing is here I can fix up my site and post here regularly like I used to.

I am no longer offering services to people living in India. For some reason, I've had nothing but problems with people living there (not Indian people outside of India, just people living in India,) including non-payment of bills (like paying on a "payment plan" and then only making one payment, or getting a reading and not paying,) and ridiculous behaviors. It seriously is all but one client living in India who are engaging in these behaviors, so I am just going to cut off anyone until either the bills get paid, or enough time passes that I can reasonably assume what ever is causing these problems is passed. 

I am sorry if I've been a bit quiet this last week. As many of you know, Mr NinjaCat's family was basically right in the path of that nasty hurricane, so I did have some of my time taken up with that, though everyone is fine. :) We don't live anywhere close to his family, so there was no property damage here, of course. 

Please DO NOT ask me free psychic questions. It is prohibited in the TOS and the CA, and obviously it is a PAID part of my job. 

Please write your emails in proper English. I am not even bringing up my clients who's English is not their mother-tongue (you're all great with your English!) but rather people who do this. Wht n y u think he wud do tht 4? For some reason, a very small group of people think this is normal, cool, or faster of a way to write. As a dyslexic, it is INCREDIBLY F***ING IRRITATING and DIFFICULT FOR ME TO READ. It is not going to take you longer to write would over wud by more than a second so please, just write in ENGLISH. I don't mind a LOL or WTF, but intentional misspellings to save time drive my dyslexia (and grammar Nazi) batshit insane. ;) 

If you're already on "probation" status (that is, you've gotten your warning that I've pretty much had it with the bad behavior,) DO NOT act out and DO NOT bother me relentlessly on my days off. Saturday and Sunday are my days off. While I don't mind the occasional email here and there, for some reason only the people about to get the boot use pretty much ONLY those days to act out. Well, as 2 people learned just this weekend, that means you're fired. And if you get fired with no more contact welcome, be aware, I never read anything you send again, though I do have a special folder for anyone who can't stop contacting me, and it basically saves all of your emails in case my lawyer needs to read them. If you'd wanted to keep conducting business, then acting badly is going to mean no more business between us. I'll warn you ONCE. If the bad behavior continues, we're through.