1. Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: PayPal is preferred - please email me for an invoice. If you need other payment options, please contact me to discuss them. I DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OF ANY KIND.

2. Q: Do you have business hours?
A: I have office hours, which means during those times, that is the only time I will do psychic readings, spell-coaching, and also during those times that is the only time I'm obligated to be doing correspondence work. These can vary in regards to time of day (generally, no earlier than 10am Eastern time, and no later than 7pm Eastern time,) and I am unavailable on the weekends, and on USA legal holidays.

3. Q: Do you cast spells outside of your posted office hours?
A: Yes, I cast spells 7 days a week at various times of the day, generally according to planetary hours.

4.Q: May I call you? Will you call me if you have a free minute?
A: No, I do not give unscheduled calls. Also, I usually only have a "free minute" around 2 or 3 am when I am sleeping. ;) Please see "Calls" under the Terms of Service page.

5. Q: I want (name of spell,) how much is that?
A:Most spells range in price of $300-$335, with the average price of $315, but a consultation isn't a price check. ;) Without a consultation, I can't give you any price. Please give me a brief summary of your situation using the rootwork services form, and I will respond....and this is the beginning of our consultation. I try to keep these quick, and  to the point. Please do not purposely draw out the consultation or an additional charge may be applied (it's not really too common but some people try to make these drag on via email for days or even weeks.)

6. Q: How did the spell go? What do you mean I need to purchase a follow up email?
A: Ah, the dreaded question, so often asked because someone didn't read the terms of service. (Hint). I require a follow up email to be purchased PRIOR TO INITIATING A SPELLCASTING SERVICE, as this is extra busy work for me, a sign the client is distrustful of me and prone to behaviors which could negatively impact the spell, and also implies I'd not tell you anything of importance without being asked (which I would tell you anything of importance without being asked,) which, while perhaps an unintentional insult on the part of the asker, is still what I infer when being asked and which I do find insulting.

The truth of the matter is that something which the client would find "exciting" is the exception and not the rule in most spells. Most spells go through without a problem. If any problem occurs, the client is the second to know, myself being first. I HAVE DEFINITELY INFORMED PEOPLE, WITHOUT ANY FOLLOW UP EMAIL REQUEST, OF ANY EVENTS DURING THE SPELLCASTING PROCESS WHEN THERE HAVE BEEN EXCITING OR NOTEWORTHY EVENTS. I DO NOT HESITATE TO LET ANYONE KNOW GOOD SIGNS, BAD SIGNS, or at this writing the 2 errors in about 10 years I've made - and the client of course had the work redone for free when said errors occurred. However, if you really think even if nothing supremely noteworthy happened, that you require a review of the spell, then you CAN purchase a follow up. If you choose not to purchase a follow up email, I reiterate that if anything noteworthy DOES happen even without a follow up email purchase, that I WILL TELL YOU.

So, if you're the naturally suspicious and doubtful type, and require reassurance, a brief spell follow up is $25, and a long spell follow-up mail is $55. The follow-up email will arrive within 3 business days of the spell's completion. If I "flake" on this, and it does not arrive within 3 business days, I will return the fee for the follow up and make it free of charge.

7. Q: How long will it take for me to see results? Will I get signs?
A: I'd like to answer the second question first. ;) While I do sometimes see clients show signs of being worked on (because I'm working on them as part of their spellwork,) as the spellcaster, I would receive the signs, and not the petitioner (person on who the spell is cast on behalf of.) While the petitioner may see parts of the spell manifesting (very normal,) this isn't technically a "sign." ;) For example, if I do a spell to bring back your ex, your ex calling you is part of the spell manifesting, and not a "sign" the spell will manifest. People who seek signs tend to project them where they don't exist.

As for how long it takes for a spell to manifest and/or show results (manifestation is results, but often some results come prior to full spell manifestation,) is linked to the situation I'm working on, and there is no blanket answer which will suit all cases. While I DO NOT suggest you apply this to yourself before speaking with me on your situation, I'd say with money spells it's often 2-6 weeks, with curses 2-6 weeks, with academic spells 2-6 weeks, but with love spells, as this is more complex, so are the average manifestation time. Love spell manifestation times on a new lover are often shorter than a really messy reconciliation. I've seen reconciliation take an average of 1-4 months. I've seen a love spell on a never-before-dated target take 4-8 weeks. I'm more than happy to provide an estimate during a consultation. Your wait could be short, it could be long, and it could be average. To determine this, I need to know the level of damage (or the amount of change required from the current status of the situation,) I need to know how anxious and panicky the person I'm speaking with is, I need to know the length of time this problem has been going on, AND in some cases I also need to determine if this is within one's sphere of availability, and if not, how far outside the sphere of availability it is. To do this, I require a consultation - so please get a free consultation if you are curious about this. :)

8. Q: Why did you decline to be of service?
A: I reserve the right to decline any business from any client for any reason whatsoever. While this is often for the benefit of the client and myself (for example, I don't think I can meet the expectations of your request,) the reason my vary from person to person. Do not press me for further information if I decline your case. If you've ever wondered where I got a reputation for being mean, it's usually because someone asked me clearly why I rejected their case, and I told them. While it wasn't "mean," the truth was obviously hard for them to hear.

9. Q: Will a spell give me bad "karma"?
A: While Karma actually means that which you do in this life effects your next incarnation (and is not really good actions bring blessings, and bad actions wreak havoc in your life because some divine force said so,) I do not personally believe in karma.

That aside, since I am the spellcaster, it would be me who got the bad "karma" for a spell, and not the petitioner.

10. Q: Will you harm an animal or kill an animal directly while casting a spell for me?
A: No, I do not cause direct harm or death to an animal while working spells. HOWEVER, I have been known to use naturally-shed snake skin (found, and left for me by a growing snake who needed to shed that skin for his or her own health,) naturally shed animal hair (gathered either because it was shed by the animal onto a blanket or their bedding, OR by gently petting an animal,) chicken eggs from a grocery store, meat products from a grocery store, or bones (usually racoon baccula,) from a bone seller who ONLY acceepts humanely harvested specimens (generally from roadkills or natural death, and in some case euthanasia of an aged animal.) In all honesty 95% of the time it's just naturally shed hair, naturally shed snake skin, or possibly the egg of a chicken that I'd be using for animal parts. I DO NOT CONDONE OR PRACTICE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

11. Q: When will you start my spell?
A: All spells are initiated within 36 hours of payment, unless otherwise specified before purchase.

12. Q: What kind of spells will you NOT do?
A: I do not do: gambling or lottery spells, get-rich-quick-spells, spells only done with the intention of getting sex from another person, spells to get someone to change their sexual preference, spells to get a person to do sexual things that they are not "into" (for example, if you always wanted a threesome, and your partner is not an orgy person nor do they want multiple sex parners, I'm not the person to ask for help,) I do not do spells to harm children, I do not kill or harm children in the womb and/or their pregnant mothers, I do not do spells aimed at helping the petitioner commit adultery, I do not break up marriage, I do not cause marriage, and I do not repair failing marriages. I reserve the right to decline any request for any reason, and at my discretion.

13. Q: Who calls who for a reading?
A: Since I use my home-phone landline, I call the client for the reading and using a blocked number. While I realize no one likes answering a blocked call, you will know it's me by the fact I'm calling at our scheduled time. ;)

14. Q: What method/s do you use to read my situation?
A: I use a combination of divination by tarot card, while also using my psychic senses. I do not NEED the tarot to read you, although it speeds up the practice by putting the images, sounds, smells, etc that I pick up psychicly into a coherent order. If you want me to read you without cards (a rare request but I've seen it before,) please ask for an hour of time. It takes me a bit to warm up to "100%" without them. ;)

I can also use dice, ouija board, playing cards, and a few other methods of divination. While I've been  reading the tarot since I was 12 or so, and it's my most favored method, I CAN use other kinds if you prefer.

15. Q: I've been fired. :/ Is there any way I can change your mind, and come back to using your services?
A: No. The problem with being fired, is that it's a lifetime ban, and generally because the client was incredibly ill-behaved, and/or refused to follow directions, and/or was willfully dishonest to me, and/or was threatening, abusive, etc. I do not fire people easily. More often than not, the client has been warned repeatedly to stop acting out, and I do try to give warnings before I deliver the "boot" to the client. It's much easier to be rejected for services (Which, if you're respectful, usually means you can come back and request services on a different issue at a later time,) than it is to be fired as a client. If you get fired as a client, I've reached my limit with you and whatever it is you did to get cut from my client roster. You are never welcome to come back, not on any problem, and nothing you can say will change my mind.

It doesn't mean I hate you. Not at all. It means I'm done working for you eternally, but not (always) that I dislike you. I do have a few former clients who got the boot who still talk to me... However I never ever ever give them any service again.

If I've asked you to stop contacting me, please stop contacting me. Unfortunately there is a group of banned clients who have been asked to cease contacting me and try to sneak back. Please have some respect for yourself, and do not degrade yourself by engaging in this type of behavior. It will not alter my decision.

16. Q: HELP! My PayPal invoice is missing, and I don't know how to pay you! What do I do?
A: If less than 48 hours have passed, please let me know ASAP, and I will try to resend the invoice. If that does not work, I will cancel the first invoice and send a second. If that still doesn't work, we might need to attempt an alternate payment method.

Payment is mandatory within 48 hours of issuing the invoice. If you fail to pay before the 48 hour mark the invoice will cancel and you will have to contact me to get a new one. If you do this twice, you will be banned from purchasing further services. If you need to wait, just LET ME KNOW BEFORE I ISSUE THE INVOICE, and hopefully BEFORE I START THE CONSULTATION. State it right on your introductory email. It helps my business run faster, and it helps people who can pay immediately get their desired spots first. However, if you're often "waffling on payment" - either by asking for the invoice and waiting a week, or by stalling the consultation (some people seriously do this,) you risk two things: 1.) you're fired for failure to make a timely payment more than one time, and 2.) you will be charged for all the time you've wasted "stalling" the consultation.

Consulations should take place no earlier than FOUR days prior to your being able to pay. Any more time and the situation needs to be looked at again. More than one person has taken the extra charge, so please do not plead to avoid the charge and think I'm just being unfair to you. I'm not, I'm just applying the same penalty I've applied for years (in the last year it's become cheaper to reappy after consultation mis-use no less,) to discourage that type of behavior.

17. Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can contact you in a week?
A: I don't need a weekly update if nothing is going on, but if you send 1-2 emails a week, that's certainly fine. If something "major" is happening, by all means, let me know - I don't count it as being "overcommunicative" if we're discussing a big change in your situation and that involves us emailing back and forth several times. :)

18. Q: Will you cast my spell for free or give me unlimited services for a one time payment? 

A: The answer is definitely no in the case of unlimited services, and almost definitely no in the case of a free spellcasting. I actually have to pay for materials, and the costs of running a business are not cheap. If you frequently come after me to "redo" part of the work for free, or attempt to gouge me for free services, I'll likely ask you to stop contacting me, and I'll definitely not be bullied into doing my job for free. 95% of the people who contact me have no problem compensating me for my time, and that's because they would not want to do their job for no compensation. If you're part of the errant 5% who thinks my time, energy, and spell materials should be given to you freely, please do not bother contacting me. 

19: Q: For years you had exact times of operation and now it says "By Appointment Only" - what does that mean?

A: It means that, while I am generally in the office M-F, from around 10am eastern to 6pm eastern time, that I may be willing to get on the phone outside of that time, or that I may be unavailable during those times at my discretion. So many clients were asking for late day readings, that this ended up actually being a preferable mode of operation. Generally speaking, I try to run my business like any normal business (where I start work at a certain time and finish at a certain time,) but if I have a day where I have a lot of clients wanting me to work late, I will start later that day. ;)