If you're on this page, you're looking for love and reconciliation work. :) I offer quality services, I'm a published author (and my best seller is a book entirely devoted to love magic!) and I've been offering free eductation via my blog on how to cast your own spells since 2004. So, hopefully, I am the woman you are looking for. :)

I have years of experience with dealing with tough love problems, just like yours might be. 

I have a very high success rate, and I am not afraid to decline a case if I feel that  the client has an "unfixable" case. I realize saying no does upset some people, so if you're afraid I might decline, please do not fill out the proper form which is the ROOTWORK SERVICES FORM.

If you click above on services, you will see a small graphic list of services, and if you scroll down you will see prices. I offer multiweek packages which are great for really tough cases. 

I also offer a package which more or less means getting me "on call," at your disposal. The savings is astronomical on this package. You basically get a discount which is at least $3000 - more than the price of the package itself. 

I have a lot of experience dealing with people who are upset, lonely, who have had their hearts broken. I've been told several times by my clients that I am better than their therapist when it comes to guidance and to just listening and advising.

I hope I can be of service to you. :) Please navigate to this form if you would like to order a spell. My consultations are fast and discreet.