Psychic Reading is available in 30 minute, 60 minute, and 120 minute increments. Most people who purchase the 120 minute package DO NOT use the entire 2 hours in one reading, however, if you really feel like you need 2 hours of my time, please feel free to purchase a full 2 hours. My rates are $70 for a half hour, $125 for the full hour, and $200 for 120 minutes.

Generally speaking, I call the client, however if you are an international client, I may have to use chat or you may need to call me. I am only fluent in English, so if you are not fluent in English, we may not be able to conduct a reading. You can use this link to schedule a time, but please also send an application. Thank you!

Psychic Reading Services

Please do not mis-use forms. This form is ONLY for requesting readings. DO NOT use it for any other purpose. If you want a spell and a reading, use the rootwork services form.