All spells are customized to each situation, and will require you to fill out this application. The cost for a basic package ranges from $305-$335, but larger packages are available. Please visit the General List of Services page for a full list.

I DO NOT CAST SPELLS FOR THE FOLLOWING PURPOSES OR IF THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES ARE PRESENT IN THE CASE: I do not cast spells to get someone to propose marriage, I do not fix failing marriages/stop divorce, I do not cause divorce, I do not assist in cases of adulterous relationships, I do not cast spells to get someone a lot of free sex from random people, I do not cast spells just to get sex from another person or coerce them into sexual practices they are not agreeable to, I do not cast spells for lottery wins, I will not use my abilities to harm a child or pregnant female, and any other working at my discretion may be rejected. 

Please keep your requests REALISTIC. I cannot shrink you to two inches tall (yes, someone has asked,) make you a surgeon when you don't even have a high school degree (again, yep, been asked,) or turn you into a werewolf. ;) 

I do not provide free spell services. Materials cost money, bills to run the business cost money, and so the costs my clients pay provide the income to continue to pay the bills so I can continue to run the business. 

Phone consultations are unavailable. Please do not ask me to call you.

Please be honest on the application below. DO NOT ask for an exception to my rules, as I rarely, if ever, make an exception to my rules. Terms of Service, the Frequently Asked Question section, the Disclaimer, and the Client Agreement are available by clicking on the highlighted links and should be read before you apply as they are a binding contract between you and I once the purchase is made. 

Please apply only when ready to make a purchase. Only the first consultation is free, and it is considered void after 4 days have passed after it completes.