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Rules, Important Info, Terms of Service

Welcome to the Important Information Page. Here, you will find simple rules, information, and guidelines for using my service. :) Please, take some time to read this section and the disclaimer section as they are my Terms of Service.


By purchasing my services you must agree to the following:

1. You agree that you are 21 or over. You must be AT LEAST 21 years of age to use my services.

2. Spellwork and spiritual services must LEGALLY be listed as for "entertainment only," although I say for "curio purposes," which also means basically the same thing...thus I begrudgingly list my services as such. You agree that you do understand that even though these services are rendered using the best of my abilities and my training withing the fields of psychicsm, rootwork/hoodoo, and the occult, that you do understand that these services are for sale for curio purposes only, and should not replace the advice or care of liscensed legal professionals, law enforcement, health professionals, or should not be used as a replacement for psychiatric care by purchasing any service/item from this site.

3. You have agreed to the client agreement and terms therein, including agreeing to the disclaimer, terms of service by so doing.

4. You agree that you will behave in a mature and respectful manner at all times to the owner of OriginalNinjaCat.com (hey, me, Cat!) and will not harrass, threaten, demean, or otherwise intentionally cause damage to the owner of the site. You understand that "heckling" and nagging are a form of harrassment. (Please see more details below.) DO NOT propostition or imply that you desire sexual situations with Cat. She is not single and not looking.

5. You agree that you have given the appropriate contact information to the site owner so that she may contact you in a timely manner. You agree all information provided is the most accurate information to your knowledge.

6. You agree that for the best result, you will follow the instructions I give you, (these are never difficult, but are simple things like not calling someone for a few days, not arguing with your intended, etc,) and that if you refuse to follow these instructions that your results may not be as spectacular as hoped.

7. You agree that threatening me, harrassing me, insulting me, demeaning me, or threatening, harrassing, or demeaning my family/loved ones at any time negates any financial responsibility I may have towards you (ie, if you threaten, attempt to cause harm, or cause harm to myself or my loved ones, you agree that I have the right to cut off contact with you and not be financially obligated to you, nor do I have any further obligation to speak with you.)

8. You understand that all attempts to harm the owner of this site (me,) or her loved ones in any fashion whatsoever may result in legal actions being taken against you, including instances of your posting or publically announcing libellous and defamatory statements regarding this site, its services, the owner of this site and/or her associates and loved ones. I am very litigious in circumstances such as these.

9. You agree to begin a consultation no earlier than FOUR days before you can pay for the work, and that if you need any delay within that four days (ie if you can't pay an invoice within 48 hours of it being issued at the end of the consultation,) that you will open your consultation with telling me you must delay on payment. For example, if we do your consultation on a Monday, but you can't pay til Thursday of that week, you will tell me "I can't pay for this service until Thursday." You understand that if you do not make a purchase within four days of the initiation consultation, that this consultation is considered mis-used and invalid and that you understand there is an additional charge for this.


1. For fastest service, please give me an outline of the problem/s and, in the case of spellwork, your desired result. I do not need you to tell me "everything," but being faceitous in an effort to "test the psychic," will not bring the best results. In the past, some clients have purposefully left out certain details, and many DID have the satisfaction of my reporting this "left out detail," to them without them telling me, however, this is not a "game." If you want to play games and have me guess what color your shirt is or tell you what your boyfriend bought you for your 3rd anniversary, rememember it costs you $125/hr to do so. ;)

2. Please give me the names and birthdays of all people involved in the situation (if known.)

3. ALL "follow up" emails MUST be requested prior to the spellcasting with absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS GIVEN EVER. This is not an optional rule, so please mind it or it will be permanently marked on your file and you only get so many marks before you're fired. I do not mind sending a follow up if you're doubtful of me and this is something you require to make yourself feel more faith, and so long as you DO request these prior to the spellcasting, and pay the $25 for a brief follow-up or $55 fee for a detailed one, I will send one within 3 days after the spell has been cast for an extra charge. KEEP IN MIND: I would tell you if anything overtly negative, positive, or even noteworthy happened withiout you making this request and free of charge. Often "follow ups" are just canned responses from many other workers as is, but I do understand some people feel this is some positive helpful thing. However, when the request is randomly made of me post spellcasting, this is often implicative of other issues (rather problematic ones) rather than did the spell or didn't the spell go well - or it just means you didn't read the terms of service which is also not a good thing. ;) If you requested this follow up first and paid, and I was in error of not following up, please let me know and I will return the $55 or $25 charge immediately and do a follow up for free. If you're curious, yes both prices are to reflect how much I dislike this sort of doubt cast on me, but it also is to reflect the very high probability of the person requesting it requiring above normal amounts of spell counseling during the manifestation process. It's nice to know someone wants to think the work to death in advance and doesn't trust me, and much of this cost will help cover the likelihood of you requiring extra spell counseling, since it is the sign of a high maintenance case. :/ Yes, I also restated it 2 different ways, lol, to make sure it soaked in.

4. Do not work against the instructions I give you when I cast a spell for you. I will never ask you to do anything difficult, dangerous, or even financially draining. If I ask you not to call him/her, do not call that person and then complain that you couldn't help yourself. ;) It isn't hard, just don't do it. ;) If I ask you not to argue with someone, avoid them if you are afraid you will argue with them. The instructions are given to help speed the manifestation of the spell.

5. Understand that I do not give free readings with spells, unless it is a specially-advertised limited-time deal. Questions suchas "What are her feelings about me?" and "Is he seeing someone else," are psychic reading questions. Please DO NOT try to sneak these into emails, and then get angry with me when I don't answer those questions, as these are psychic reading questions, and psychic readings MUST be paid for. If you ask me psychic reading questions before you've even hired me, please be advised that I feel this is abusive (I am very clear that I do not give free readings or answer free psychic reading questions,) and I may decline to allow you to hire me should you ask psychic reading questions during a spell consultation.

6. Spells and readings will not begin without payment. Please remit payment in a timely manner so I can schedule you in! :) All invoices must be paid within 48 hours or will be cancelled. If you do not pay for your reading within 48 hours of being invoiced for it - assuming you've made no special arrangements to pay it later than 2 days after recieving the invoice, - your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule. All services requiring consultation must be purchased within six (6) days of the completion of consultation, or the consultation will be considered invalid, and a misused consultation fee will be applied.

7. Please check your bulk or spam folder before contacting me if you are waiting on a reply.

8. Please be patient and wait for your response. Emailing me every 30 minutes only slows down EVERYONE'S reply time.

9. All spells are cast for seven days unless otherwise notified at time of purchase -OR- unless purchasing a honey jar or a package which is for more than one week of work. Please see the services offered page for further details.


Refunds are only guaranteed in 3 situations: 1.) I cannot connect to you in the first few minutes of a psychic reading. If this happens, I will immediately refund you for the price of the reading. This is nothing personal against you, as ALL psychics have people they cannot connect with at certain times. 2.) Your spell or reading has not started and you want a refund (ie the service has not been initiated. Once the service has been initiated, it is no longer refundable excluding cases falling under "1" in this paragraph.) 3.) You purchased a "follow up" email for $55, or the lesser report for $25 and I took longer than 3 business days POST SPELLCASTING to send it.

There are no refunds available for any other reason. Spell materials cost money, bills need to be paid, and used spell materials cannot be returned to the ritual store. I do my best to be successful for you, but success cannot be guaranteed.


Chargebacks (any attempt to reverse or dispute a payment for a service which has been provided, or a "forced refund" for a service which, having not been initiated, falls under the refund clause,) all come with fines attached. If you would like a refund for a service which has not been initiated, you must contact me to process the refund. This generally takes under 3 hours to do, and merely means I am making sure that I am not getting a fine (I get fined if you force a refund,) as well as that the money comes back to you immediately the moment I process it (if it's in my account, it doesn't return as an echeck you wait 7 days on.) There is a $100 fine for any refund on an unperformed service where the client has used my payment services or their bank to reverse the charge rather than allowing me to process the refund. There is NO CHARGE if you allow me to process a refund, so please just contact me if you decided you do not want a service that has not yet been initiated, but which you have paid for.

Chargebacks carry the following fines: $350 per item charged back OR half of the price of the item charge back - whichever is greater, - AND the full price of the charged back item. So, for example, if you purchased a $300 item, the cost is $300 + $350 or $650 total. If you purchased 3 items, $100, $100, and $300 respectively, then chargeback all three, the cost is $500 (the total of all three items,) and $1050 in chargeback fees ($350 x 3.) A $1000 service would have a $500 chargeback fee (total $1500,) where a chargeback on a $300 item and $1000 item would be $1300 for the price of the items, and $850 in chargeback fees ($350 +$500.) for a total of $2150. While I understand banking errors occur (sometimes if you get your card stolen, and the bank just cancels every dang payment, even those you acknowledged as your own,) and will waive all chargeback fees so long as the client returns the money for the services within 48 hours, intentional chargebacks are another thing entirely. It is unfortunate, but there are a lot of scammer-clients out there who try to take advantage of a system where all too often they hope either the bank or payment processors won't do their due diligence, or I won't be willing to take the time to supply evidence of theft of services. First I will work with my payment services to have the monies returned. If they return the money, you are still liable for the amount of the chargeback fees. If you refuse to pay these fees, I may send your account to collections. If you attempt a chargeback that is not "in house" (that is, not through my payment services,) you will have 30 days from the date of purchase (which may already have passed,) in which to pay for the services, as well as for the chargeback fees, and then I will send your account into collections. My collections service reports you as delinquent to credit reporting services (that's right, you get a mark that you haven't paid me,) and also works internationally (so they don't care if you aren't in the USA.)

All of this can USUALLY be avoided. Obviously, bank errors aren't your or my fault, and we will sort that. Initiating a dispute or chargeback intentionally is entirely your choice, and once you escalate to a claim or charge me back, I will no longer have any interest in keeping you happy. If you're my client, it is in my best interest to keep you happy, and try to make sure you are satisfied with my service. If you have a problem with my services, you need to contact me DIRECTLY, and I will try to find a solution. However, if you attempt theft via chargeback or dispute, this is a clear violation of the terms of service, and you agree not only are you not entitled to any refund (as set forth in the refund clause,) but that you are also responsible for paying the fines associated with this behavior.

Any client who attempts theft via chargeback will also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I will call the police for theft of services, because it is theft.
*. The client also understand and promises not to cancel any unpaid invoices for chargeback fees, or will pay $100 per cancellation for these fees.
* Invoices cancelled for services which have been performed but are unpaid cost $150 per cancellation.
* The client agrees he or she is fully responsible for the full amount for services provided, any charges incurred from attempting a chargeback or reversal of the payment price, for any fines levied by attempting a chargeback or cancelling an invoice, and for the full cost of the amount of the owner of the business's legal fees (hiring an attorney, a collections agency, etc,) and any other costs incurred.
* The client agrees that they will not cancel ANY invoice from OriginalNinjaCat.com, and that even if this invoice is for a service that the client decided against purchasing, - please kindly allow me to cancel the invoice as needed for my own records.


Readings take time and energy to do. Please understand that only so many readings can be done in a day and schedule your readings IN ADVANCE. ;) Emails containing phrases suchas "I have 30 minutes free at 1, so call me then," when made in no reference to you and I attempting to find a time TOGETHER to schedule your reading will be ignored. You must SCHEDULE a reading, not command me to push other's scheduled readings around to suit your schedule. ;) If you are not present (as I in you do not answer the phone) for a phone reading when I call you, your reading will be cancelled, and you will have to reschedule. If the phone is busy, if you give me the wrong number - if for any reason you are not available to take your call when I call, the reading is cancelled and must be rescheduled.

An invoice is a bill. If you ask me to send you an invoice and you have not paid it within 48 hours after it has been sent, I will cancel your appointment and the invoice and you must reschedule. If you need special arrangements (ie if you need to wait more than 48 hours before you are able to pay,) make sure to set this up with me prior to requesting the invoice.

I do not give free psychic readings.


Ritual supplies cost A LOT of money. Please be respectful of this and do your best not to work against your spell. ;) I am willing to work my hardest to solve your problem, but this does not include me casting several "free spells" on your behalf. Please do not constantly insist on getting "free spells." There is no such thing as a free spell - each spellcasting will cost me the purchase price of ritual supplies. Be respectful - certain roots and candles for these spells can easily cost over $10 USD apiece, and that is a SINGULAR ingredient of many in a spellcasting.

An invoice is a bill. If you ask me to send you an invoice and you have not paid it within 48 hours after my sending it, I will cancel your appointment and the invoice and you must reschedule. If you need special arrangements (ie if you need to wait more than 48 hours before you are able to pay,) make sure to set this up with me prior to requesting the invoice.

I may cast a free spell for you in the case of emergency or great need. Love and reconcilation cases are NEVER an emergency, so do not request free love and/or reconcilation help.

In most cases, excluding multiple week casting, honey jars, and spirit conjure, spells are cast over seven days. If you want to ask me "how the spell went" keep in mind that you are required to purchase this prior to my initiating the service, AND that if you ask me this the day after I begin, the spell hasn't even been completed yet! ;)

I will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use spellwork to do the following: a.) cause a divorce; b.) break up a family; c.) harm a child; d.) coerce another into sexual practices they are not agreeable to; e) other types of workings at my discretion.


Because I work several hours a day, often long into the night, it is very difficult for me to give calls "when I have a free moment," as I have very little free time to devote to my loved ones as is, and my free moments are few and far between. As much as I appreciate that some people prefer calls to emailing, this is very demanding on me, and more often than not the client wants to spend a free half hour with me, chatting. Frankly, I've been working at this job a long time, and few things are too complicated to put down in print. Also, I apologize to those clients who feel typing emails is tedious, but this is the primary method of communication for ALL clients to reach me by, and short of you being literally blind, (in which case I am impressed that you have located my page or services,) there is no excuse for you to have special exceptions made regularly where you get a phone call and everyone else waits for emails. If you feel you can only work with me via telephone communication, then I am probably not the worker for you. I may call you if you insist, but refuse to use this as my primary means of communciation with you. I spend all day on the telephone with PAID appointments, and would prefer to spend my the few free moments I have RELAXING...and not with the phone attatched to my ear. I will NOT make international telephone calls.

Should you desire I call you and insist on this, please be advised this costs as much as a live reading. You will be charged prior to the call being made, and cut off if you exceed your paid time.

DO NOT EVER CALL WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. This is HUGELY DISRUPTIVE. I could be in a call with someone else, I could be in the middle of casting spells. The reason I CALL YOU is that I can ensure that the call is not disruptive to another client or to spellwork. Unsolicited calls or calls made for an unconfirmed appointment may result in immediate firing, and WILL RESULT in my blocking you to disable your ability to call me. DO NOT TEXT ME either please, as this can also be disruptive. There is NO REASON to call me without an appointment, and I CALL YOU when you have an appointment, so it is questionable that there is even a reason for you to call me then. :( Unfortunately, as I work for many people, I need to be the one to initiate contact. If you are disruptive to my other cases or if you call me without a scheduled appointment, you may be fired on the spot.

Since this has been an increasing concern, I felt it was finally time to put it here on the Important Information/Terms of Service page. However, I do stress that 99% of you are in no way abusive of myself or my time, and that the rare phone call request is not a huge bother if we've worked together for a long time. Most of you respect my boundaries and would not request this outside of a huge emergency. I do understand emergencies, and I am not angry if one arises that you might want a brief free call. Rather, it is when someone gives me a message implicative of needing a call when the situation is nothing more than wanting to update me on something or to have some "emotional support time," with me.


Heckling is defined as rude, bossy, unreasonable, abusive or demanding behavior. Some examples include harping on your lack of results 2 (or less,) days after the spell has been cast, spamming me repeatedly for a response which is less than 48 hours old, nagging me to do a spell for you after I've declined your case, nagging me in general, or demanding you be put before all other clients so I can act as your free therapist. This is just a vague description and is not meant to be an all inclusive list. If you are attatched to your send button, if you are demanding I give you a free spell or reading, if you are demanding I "make your spell manifest," even faster when it is on schedule, you are heckling me. There is absolutely NO problem with a spell in which less than 28 days has passed since I started casting your spell which has not yet manifested, and constant complaining or emailing me regarding "why has my spell not manifested," before the 28 day mark is both rude and disrespectful. Please be patient, and DO NOT send me several emails harping on your lack of results when not even one week has passed (when the spell is 1-2 weeks old it is normal to not yet have results,) or I will warn you once about your behavior before permanently ending our business together.

I don't understand how any normal and healthy adult feels this behavior is helpful, but I have ZERO TOLERANCE for it!

So...if you are confused, the way to avoid becoming a "heckler," is to avoid behaviors like nagging, repeated requests for me to take your case after you've been declined; make requests, not demands, try to contain yourself to no more than 2 emails before I can send a response, and...well, be pleasant and patient, which I don't think is too much to ask of adults.


If you repeatedly ask me questions covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please be advised, I will start replying to you with the FAQ url and point you as to which question down on this page you will need to look at. This isn't meant to be rude as much as it is meant to encourage you to save everyone time by not mandating I repeat information I've covered in the FAQ. If you need CLARIFICATION on a question in the FAQ, don't hesitite to ask - this is reasonable...but it is a bit disrespectful to my other clients and to myself to not at least check the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS area before you take my time up asking a question I've already publicly answered there. ;)


I appreciate you privately recommending me to others, and I do enjoy having new clients referred my way on a personal basis by past clients. :) Thank you for your business referrals.

I understand the desire to share your experiences you've had with me with other people. However, I do ask that you not post my name to any other site or forum belonging to another psychic, spellcaster, medium or related business, or upon any forum, site, message board or business site without first asking my express permission. Furthermore, although it would be impossible for me to completely stop this behavior, I do ask you not post my name, email address, or site name to any other forum or chat board related to metaphysical services - be your review positive or negative, - without my permission or knowledge. The ban on posting my url/site includes recommending my services on an "anti-scam" site. I do not desire to have my name, email address, business, or site name be associated with another site. I have more than enough business (more than I can handle sometimes!) Please keep in mind violating the above and posting about myself or my business (even in compliment) may result in a permanent ban from services, being "fired" as a client, among other possible negative outcomes.

I defend your right to tell others you dislike my service or myself, however...

Liabellous and slanderous discussion of me on any public doman, or board may be subject to litigation. If you are from the United States, you do have the first amendment right to say that I "suck" or that you don't like me - this is an opinion. However, take care of what you say when it comes to observations outside of what can be counted as an opinion. I am a very fair person with ethical business practices. You do not have to like me, nor do you need to appreciate my business practices or the effect thereof, but statements which could be construed as defamatory may land you in court.

Please DO NOT post my emails to you (or portions thereof,) to other sites. All emails are copyrighted and may not be posted.

Plagiarism of this site or the "Cat's Rants" blogsite will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please request permission to share an article of mine or to post any information taken from this site. I am normally happy to have my work posted up for others as long as given credit for said work, so please do not hesitate to ask. ;D


I reserve the right to terminate any business agreement between us upon discovery of the client's dishonesty. Success depends on the client providing the most accurate information to me, and complete honesty from the client. Should you feel the need to lie or to mislead me, please understand, I WILL discover this, and upon discovery, the business relationship will be terminated without refund. Obviously, there are times when a client will provide me with information they believe to be accurate, which is inaccurate, but this is of no fault of the client, and will not effect business. Intentionally misleading me, however, is reason to terminate the business agreement, and there is no tolerance for this behavior.


I reserve the right to decline a case for any reason. The choice to decline your case is final. Please do not press me for more information as to why I'm declining or spam me repeatedly in an attempt to reconsider. Similarly, people who have had our business relationship terminated due to their heckling or inappropriate conduct are advised that you get ONE rebuttal, and, if that rebuttal fails to change my mind (as it often does fail to,) further contact from you after your rebuttal is not apt to be acknowledged. Sorry to be the meanie here, but this has ALWAYS been my policy.


While I don't mind the very occaisional email of venting, or requesting some encouragement, please do not let this get out of hand. I am only being paid to cast a spell and help you with some instructions on how to best act to make the spell manifest quickly and well, OR to give you psychic advice which may be combined with regular old fashioned advice. That aside, I am not qualified nor am I employed to act as an on demand cheerleader, free entertainment, or the recipient and relief from of all of your emotional distress, or even a therapist (see below.) Please limit yourself with non-emergency emails, venting emails, or "encourage me," emails. While its natural to send a few of these my way in the span of a month or so, and I do not entirely mind helping, only a certain amount of time is allotted for this in the price of the spell, and at some point, sending excessive levels of these forms of emails is going to slow down my responses to everyone, as well as limit the amount of new cases I can take on. You will incur extra charges if you exceed your allotted spell support time. MOST people do not have this problem, but I will warn you when you have 30 minutes of my time left. No, I do not charge you for reading your email, lol.

The only way to keep prices low or affordable is by minimizing your correspondence, especially in cases where there is no implication that adjusting your attitude is part of my job. If you are sad, I am sorry, but...I have bad days too, and when my bad day is that I got paid thirty cents an hour for working like a slave for you, that's a bad day. ;) So, please remember, this is a business, and while I do care about you and want to help you, as a business, I need to make a living wage. Its not very close to being that already when the venting is minimized and kept within parameters.


As I am sure you can figure out, I do not have a degree in psychology and cannot legally be anyone's therapist or psychiatrist. If you need me to comfort you or act as an on-demand therapist for you on a regular basis, then I will have to request that you please refer yourself to a local psychiatrist to help you. Although I am willing to help you and support you, I cannot be there every second to encourage you or act as your therapist on a daily basis. I do care about you and your feelings, and I do care about your situation... However if you begin to ask me for daily "encouragement" emails, and constantly need psychiatric advice, you would be better served by a person who is learned and with a degree in that field.

I am more than happy to deal with the very occaisional venting or lapse of reason from a client, but obviously, if your problem mandates a psychiatrist and not a psychic or spellcaster to help you, I would prefer you seek the proper type of help. As I've said above, I'm here for you and here to support you, but I can't be here for you every minute


I am human and do get sick and have tech issues from time to time. ;) Please respect that I have a life out of work, and that I am a human and therefore not infalliable or invincible, and may need a vacation or a sick day. ;) Or that my PC is but a PC and may also get sick or unwell and have a down time. Please do not repeatedly email me during my vacation, as this is disrespectful. If you have something to say when I am on vacation, say it by all means, but please refrain from making me a daily email target if you know I will not be in my inbox for a week. ;) I normally have A LOT of work when I get back from vacation, and so please do try to limit your emails. I once came home to over 500 - eep!